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"For me it wasn't difficult to figure out why I would create a page called Country Music Vibe. Country Music has been part of my life, since I was old enough to "hear" music".


The music that you hear on Country Music Vibe may contain lyrics that may express ideas, thoughts, or opinions not shared by Country Music Vibe and its staff members. Whenever possible, we try to ensure that the songs, images, videos are not offensive in any manner. We are a spiritual and religious company. Furthermore, we are sensitive to the values of each individual.

We do not want to publish anything derogatory in any manner. We believe country music can be entertaining and enjoyable without being controversial. This includes, song that speaks out against any political, religious or social issue.

Country Music Vibe believes, that regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, etc. everyone should be shown respect. Even if you disagree with their own values or lack thereof. If you have any question or concern regarding a song, singer, band, image or video that you think may be offensive, please send us an email at

Thank you for your time. It is our hope, that you enjoy our country music platform.

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Country Music Vibe has talented singers that deserve their time in the spotlight. I know or have spoken to these musicians and can tell you that they spend endless hours playing for audiences or fine tuning their craft. It isn't easy to be a musician, and very few actually get contracts with a recording label. And if they do, they do not make it to the big stage.

However, they deserve more attention than what they receive through this website. We hope with your support, we will show them the appreciation that they truly deserve. Country Music Vibe extends its gratitude to all of those that visit this site. Please take the time to listen to the music or video's available. Comment or share the content whenever possible.


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