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In 1922, George S. Bailey founded the Bailey Hat Company in Los Angeles, California. Bailey saw the emerging need for a hat company that catered to the Western market. The American West was booming and Los Angeles was leading the charge.
He catered directly to the needs of the “New West” by outfitting Southern California ranchers, businessmen, oil tycoons and movie stars with the “best hat possible.” His dedication to his craft quickly made the Bailey name known throughout L.A.

Many of Bailey’s current offerings still use the same blocks as they did when originally designed for the West over 90 years ago. Bailey remains a collection of original and authentic Western headwear with an eye for industry leading product.


Extend the life of your hat by properly storing, cleaning, drying & caring for it. Our Hat Care Guide provides easy best practices to keep your hats looking their best..

Bailey Western Calico Margaret Malandruccolo

Bailey Western Hats

"Enduring the harshest of elements"

Brim care
Your brim is very impressionable! Storage is vitally important to maintaining the shape of your brim. Hats with brims turned down should always be stored upside down. Pressure is taken off the brim by placing the hat on its crown, thus maintaining its form.

Crown care
Be kind to your crown! Excessive handling of your hat's crown can lead to variations from its original structure or form. Get into the habit of picking up your hat, putting it on and taking it off with both your hands on the brim.

Drying your hat
If your hat gets wet, simply place it on its crown in a dry place and allow it some time to dry itself. Your hat will dry by itself. Never attempt to force dry your hat using artificial heat. Hair dryers, radiators, and other sources of high heat will shrink your hat. Before the hat dries, take the time to smooth out any perfections.

Numerous wetting and dryings can result in shrinkage. A hat stretcher is a good defense against this rare event.

How To Clean a Hat
Keeping your hat clean is easy. Here are some care tips.

  • Furfelt and Woolfelt hats can be cleaned with a soft bristled hat brush or soft sponge. Felt hats must be brushed in a counter-clockwise direction with the crown facing you. When dealing with mud, allow the mud to dry. Once it is dry it will be a great deal easier to brush off. Grease spots can be brushed out with a little cornstarch. Many folks will also use a good dry-cleaner. 
  • Oilskin hats only need a clean wet cloth. Do not use soap because the soap might affect the finish of the hat. You'll find that mud and dirt are easily wiped away with a damp cloth. 
  • Straw hats can be brushed. A small whiskbroom can be used for those deeply textured straws. Other straws can be cleaned using a soft brush, sponge, or cloth. A moist cloth is very effective. 
  • Canvas hats can be hand washed. Warm water and mild detergent is all you need. Do not attempt to force dry. 
  • All hats: Remove dust and lint from your hat periodically to avoid deterioration and soiling.


For those with a long face-shape, tall hat crowns that sit high on the head should be avoided, as they add too much height to the face and head area. Crowns should be deep enough to cover an ample portion of the forehead to even out the length of the face. Wide brims can be worn, especially ones that are turned downward.

Wide Brim, Sun Hat, Beret

Any hat with a medium-sized brim is perfect for someone with a heart-shaped face. The concern in this case is to balance out a wide forehead. If the brim is too large, the forehead will have an even wider appearance than normal. Other than that, this shape allows for a variety of different styles.

Medium Brim Fedora, Cloche, Pillbox

Square-jawed people are best suited for rounder hats that even out the cut, crisp lines of the face. Round and asymmetrical hats provide contrast to sharp jawlines.

Bowler, Center Dent Fedora, Fashion Beanie

Bailey Western Calico Margaret Malandruccolo

Bailey Hats are fashionable for everyone.

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Round faces work well with hats that have sharp lines and tall, decorative crowns thatare at least as wide as the face. Asymmetrical brims should be selected, or straight brims should be slanted to create attractive angles. These details all give great proportion and shape to a round face.

For the fortunate people who have an oval-shaped face, the options are virtually limitless. Most hat styles will suit this facial structure, so it's really just a matter of personal choice. Hats should generally be worn straight across the forehead or hairline.