Press Release 08-31-2018 - Todd Key to join CMV Radio as Host


Todd Key

"Radio Personality and Producer of the CMV Radio".

We know that life would not be the same without a great radio host. Radio broadcasts would just be music. Ok, well, maybe I down played the importance of music by that statement. We all enjoy just listening to music without interruption. After all, that is why we have iPods and iPhones that continuously play music that we have “PAID” to download.

However, the radio personality or host has an important job. The keep you interested in a particular broadcast. Often throwing in points of reference, news, jokes, and skits. Announcing an introduction to a song is also important. Knowing who is singing it, along with a voice over is intriguing. It adds excitement, and entertainment. That is why some radio stations succeed, and some fail.

I can recall some of the best radio shows of my time. The radio hosts is still directing the flow of the radio station after 30 years or so. As soon as you hear his voice, you know what station you are listening too. Yes, maybe he still uses the same jokes that you have heard 10 years ago, but it is funny nonetheless.

There are many details that go into the job of the radio host. Maybe too many to define in just one article. However, my purpose is to make an official announcement regarding the radio host for CMV Radio. His name is Todd Key, and he resides in the great state of Ohio. We have been friends since we the late 80’s. He is a music buff, and very enthusiastic about his radio broadcasting career. He brings IT Management experience to Country Music Vibe and an honest approach to our Agency. He works out of his studio in Ohio, usually undisturbed. However, since he is married to a wonderful person, you know he has other chores besides radio host. Well, for the sake of “not” getting into trouble, we will skip the controversy over having to do chores. Apparently, there is a message from wives around the nation that chores are priority.

Well, I have my own thoughts about that too. However, I will have to bite my tongue. Ok, to get back on to topic. Todd Key is an awesome radio personality. You will be delighted to hear his broadcasts and what he brings to the country music industry. There is no doubt in my mind, that CMV Radio will become one of the most listened to radio stations in the nation. Yes, there are is some heavy competition out there. Matter of fact, we are friends with some of them. As long as its friendly competition, we have no problem with it. We get along with everyone.

So if there is something that you would like to hear specifically, please let us know. The country music industry is filled with artists wanting to get their songs heard. Keep in mind, that we will only play quality music. Otherwise, we will not have the opportunity to become the nation’s number one radio broadcast. We have been getting many requests, and some of them will not make it to the radio broadcast. However, we still encourage you to send your songs to us at or

Please take a moment and leave a comment or two for Todd Key and welcoming him Country Music Vibe. Thank you for your continued support.

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