Worn and Branded NYC - Clothing that can withstand anything.

Worn and Branded NYC is a company that was founded for the purpose of creating and being able to offer soft, comfortable and worn in clothing.  We are very proud to have been able to create, launch and offer this High End Clothing Line Called Worn and Branded NYC LLC.

Worn and Branded NYC

Worn and Branded

"Clothing that can withstand anything".


The  company is 100% passionate about all of the clothing we create, especially anything made for a customer that is one of a kind.

We focus primarily on both Women and Men.....but have expanded into the Youth, Toddler and Infant Lines. Our main clothing line offers items such as: Hoodies, Long Sleeve T-Shirts with Hoods, V-Neck T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Regular T-Shirts both Long and Short Sleeve, Thermal Long Sleeve Shirts and Off the Shoulder Shirts just to name a few of our most common items offered to our primary target market.

As mentioned earlier we do focus on customized pieces with our clients if the quantity of shirts being ordered makes sense cost wise from both sides of the parties....we like to keep conversations 100% honest and open. We are very excited about this customization aspect of Worn and Branded NYC and look forward to expanding in 2017.

I am Lauren Greico CEO and Owner of Worn and Branded NYC. Like my clothing line NYC has withstood the test of time.. We have been through everything together. Worn and Branded NYC is not just another clothing line. It is a way of life. It is about the history of NYC, and its about its future. We have invested many hours in the design and branding of our clothing line. Worn and Branded NYC is what we came up with, and defines many things about who we are as New Yorkers, and what makes us proud to be a survivor of our tragic past. 

When you purchase Worn and Branded NYC,  you remind people of what America stands for. That we endure, survive and are loyal to one another. We are unique, and brave men and women. There is strength in each one of us. While we don't need a shirt to show that we are brave citizens. Our support through Worn and Branded NYC clothing, reminds everyone of who we are, and where we have been. Thank you for supporting Worn and Branded NYC.

Lauren Greico
Worn and Branded NYC