CMV asks: When talent becomes overwhelmingly noticeable, what next?

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"In your mind, if an artist is unbelievably talented, then why are they not on the radio?"

Its’s difficult “not” to notice a great singer when you hear them for the first time. It’s like you eye’s open wide, and you are totally blown away by the vocals of the individual. Your first reaction is “who are they and where can I purchase their music”? You may do some searches on social media and through search engines to get some background information on the artist. You may even look them up on You Tube. Your conclusion is that this musician is something special. In your mind, they are the next popular artist to be played on the radio. Then you start wondering when and where they will be performing next? Suddenly you have become a dedicated fan of this musician.

What if the only true things about the previous scenario was that you heard an awesome singer for the first time, and you were totally blown away by their vocals? Then all your searched led you to a dead end. Not, that you couldn’t find more information about them, but for some reason they were not on the radio, or TV like some of the other musicians are. What then? What goes through your mind? Is there anything you anything you can do about it?

Unfortunately, most good artists do not get very far in their singing career. If it were up to me, every talented musician would get a record contract that would make their dreams come true. It has become increasingly difficult for musicians to make it to the big stage. Even if they deserve it and even if they are talented enough to be there. What makes it so difficult, often times is out of your control. There is a common expression in the industry that in order to make it “YOU MUST BE UNIQUE, AND BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE”. Really, is that all it takes? Then why do so many singers sound the same? There are singers that have a voice that is “unique” and “prominent”. Totally different from anyone else. But that in itself is rare. So then why are all these other musicians making it to the big stage, while others are not?

If you had the chance to ask a famous singer “how did you make it to the big stage”? You might get the response, “well I had a great management team, or my label made it happen”. While this may be the case, and for many musicians the management team are label they are working with are awesome to work with. Some of them can even make things happen for artists. Others companies are just “fluff” and are marketers existing to collect a check. Outside of the response you got from the famous singer, there were other factors at play. There were things happening in the background that they were totally unaware of. Palms being greased, favors being cashed in, promises offered and plenty of schmoozing!!!! Let’s not forget about the lies, dishonesty and deceit.

There is another factor that is out of their control completely. There is just way too many musicians. It’s nobody’s fault. That is just reality. The love of music flows so deeply in people, that they yearn to become a musician. The truth is, if I could sing, I would probably make an attempt at it too. However, for now, I will just stick to playing guitar, and dancing. For now, I will leave the singing for the shower.

So is this where the article ends, and time to make your own interpretation of this information? After all, what chance does your favorite unknown have, of making it big? It seems that the odds are totally stacked against your favorite independent singer. In many cases they are. However, as one quote recently reminded me “When one door closes, the hallways to the next door will be a #$%&”.  This defines the difficulty between the doors or opportunities. It isn’t easy, but each independent singer needs to keep trying. Eventually the right door may be greased. I mean open.


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