A website without social media. Is there any benefit to just using one over the other?

A website without social media?

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A website without social media?

"Its like eating pancakes, without the syrup".

A website without a social media presence."Its like eating pancakes without the syrup".
Just think about that for a moment. Who doesn’t love the taste of blue berry pancakes on a Sunday morning? Actually come to think of it, blue berry pancakes every morning would be ideal for me.

As you are about to sit down for your favorite blueberry pancakes, you reach into the cupboard for the pancake syrup and it’ nowhere to be found. All of a sudden, what was to be the highlight of your day, has now turned into an unpleasant experience.  What does pancakes and syrup have to do with websites and social media, you ask?
It has everything to do with it. Syrup is the perfect compliment to the stack of pancakes. Just like social media is for a website. Its a compliment that each, can not be without. Without a social media page, the website doesn't taste very good. Rather, it seems like a very uneventful and unfulfilling experience.
But, some small businesses still wonder why should my business have a Social Media page? After all, I have a website that represents my business brand effectively.  “If potential customers need to learn more about my business, they can view our company website”.
Do those words sound familiar to you?  Did you at one time view a social media page for your business as useless?
Surprisingly there our business owners that still think with this same mind set. There are a number of factors that prevent them from understanding the amazing benefits from having a social media presence.

1. They have a social media profile already, and really doesn’t care to see all the updates that pertain to your day to day activities.  That’s just putting it in a nice way.
2.  A business owner may feel that their website is enough to establish a digital footprint.
3. My company name and reviews our on Yelp or Yellow pages and that should be enough.  
4. Word of mouth, had been working for me thus far. No reason to change.

The list of factors go on and on…..I have had heard plenty of excuses.  Do not get me wrong, Yelp or the Yellow pages has its place for syndication, but they should not replace having a presence on social media.  Word of mouth can also be a great way to increase business exposure. But they are not the best methods of driving traffic to your website.

Social media platforms should be used with the intent on driving business to your website.
The relationship between Pancakes and Syrup are vital in your efforts to succeed as a business owner.  Sorry, can’t get my mind off of pancakes for some reason. I knew this would be a challenging article once I brought in the pancake comparison.
Let’s start that one again, a “website” and “social media” are very important to creating a digital footprint. Which ultimately increases brand awareness and the success of your business. Every business owner should have a social media page. Your brand needs to feed off of it. Which social media platform is right for your business? We will cover that in our next blog.

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