Do you have what it takes to be a Musician?

Country Music Fame asks: What makes a musician? What if you don’t have it, what next?

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Do you have it?

"You have a guitar, but can you sing"?

It has taken me decades of hearing many different genres of music to ask this question: What makes a really great musician? Is it music sales? Is it their record label? Is it their ability to create a successful video? How about their ability to sound like someone else that you heard on the radio? Lastly, is because they won as the best singer on a popular television show? What quantifies the skill of a great musician?

here are certain abilities that a musician must have to begin to start down the road of a singing career. The word “talent” comes to mind. Does a particular singer, have the talent or at least the potential to be a great singer? I find myself asking this question every day. Anytime I receive a notification through email or to my inbox about playing a song on my Facebook page, I ask does this person have the potential? Sometimes, I regrettably say no.

Then it usually follows up with, who am I to say this person has no talent? Have I ever written a song, or performed before a crowd of people? Though I have never played music before a crowd, I certainly have presented topics as a speaker before hundreds of people. However, this still doesn’t make me a singer. It doesn’t even put me in the category of potential singing talent. I don’t disregard my abilities. I have a great speaking voice, but it has never allowed me to carry a tune. Thus, I admire people who can. These individuals are gifted.

There are way too many questions posed to answer them all in one column. That is why I plan on making this a regular conversation piece. There other topics surrounding music that I would like to write about as well. Do I consider myself qualified to talk about music to this degree? Yes, I do. On the basis that I have been taught by one of the best teachers one could have. Their mother. I contribute everything that I know about music to my mother. It was her training alone that started me off in the right direction. She also set the example for me, and never criticized me for my choice of music. She told me never to limit myself to one particular type of music. This explains my wide range of taste in music. Which helps me to recognize good music, or a good song. I can listen to any type of music and identify it’s talent. Now, I realize this is different for everyone. It also can be different based upon the hearer and the way that the lyrics are communicated or interpreted. The control of the message in a lyric is heavily controlled by the writer. You can easily turn off your listeners just by using lyrics that are not understandable. Because each person’s ear is trained to listen in a different way. It is important that we define what listening is. Listening can be defined as the ability to accurately receive and interpret messages in the communication process. Listening is key to all effective communication. Without the ability to listen effectively, messages are easily misunderstood. A message can become distorted and the receiver can be frustrated. So as you can see, focusing on the art of listening is important when you are writing music.

Now, let’s not put all of the accountability on the writer or sender of the message. Because the hearer also has responsibility. Hearing refers to the sounds that enter your ears. It is a physical process that provided you do not have any hear problems. Happens automatically. Listening requires more than hearing alone. It requires focus and concentrated effort , both mental and sometimes physical as well. Most of the time, what goes through your ears can be lost if you do not know what you are listening for. That is why allot of good music goes un noticed or lost. Because society is hearing and not listening. So before you say you listen to type A or type B music, make sure you remind yourself of the definition of listening. If not, then you truly can’t be a listener of type A music. But do not get discouraged, you can always call yourself a “hearer” of type A or type B type music.

There is the technical aspect of singing

I know what you are saying. Ok, so listening to a hundreds of different songs, and artists will make a person qualified to determine talent. Yes and no. I believe that the ear from early stages in life is trained to listen to music that is delightful to the ear. Some music enable’s the heart respond to respond more than other songs do. Before it reaches the heart, the lyrics have to activate your brain cells. Here is where the talented singer comes in to play. A talented singer uses their technical abilities to reach those brain cells with a combination of skills.

I was listening to the radio this morning and heard a very interesting statement by one of the 80’s best rock & roll band’s. For the sake of copyright infringement I will avoid using their name. However, it rhymes with Bulkley Blue. In his statement he said, for bands looking to make it to the big time, its ok to be a cover band on the weekend. But don’t count on it to bring you the income you are looking to make as an successful band or singer. Go in it with the mindset that you are a weekend warrior and it’s something you have to get out of your system. Otherwise you may be setting yourself up for a let down. Not all singers and bands make it to the big time. Actually a very small percentage do.

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"It's important to start singing, from an early age".

Ok, so you not talented enough to overcome such a flooded market of singers. Should you still become a weekend warrior? No, not really. There are some that believe they can sing, just because their momma told them they could. Maybe they had a friend that said, they could sing because they had a really great night while out drinking and after a few beers they decided to get up on the karaoke stage. Does this mean they have talent? Not by any stretch of the imagination. Even people who brave the crowds to get up on stage and sing, do not have the talent to sing the song they selected. What about when you were in the shower, the song that you were singing then, sounded quite nice. It almost sounded perfect. Even my dog, looked up and started to bark. I believe that was a bark of approval. After all, man’s best friend wouldn’t lie, right????

Now, of course I am going to the extreme’s in these cases. Most people who sing in the shower or on the karaoke stage do not believe that they can sing. However, there are some singers on social media that go live, so they can try to belt out a song, just to cause themselves enough embarrassment. Am I being a harsh on these people? After all, most of them grew up with mothers like mine, that would make you listen to every song that there was practically, just so you would be well versed on the different styles of music.

You we have reviewed some typical questions and thoughts regarding a real musician. Also, what is not quality singing. However, is it possible to make a bad singer into a good one? What are some vocal exercises that professionals use, that will also help someone, who to become a good singer. We will discuss that in our next article. Thank you for joining in. Please feel free to comment, and let us know your thoughts. Is this article accurate? Is it bull? Or is there some validity in the information?

Feelings make the music

Yes, music is what feelings sound like. When lyrics and sound get together, it makes a melody go beyond words express. Sometimes feelings are without out the ability to express in words alone. The only thing that can truly convey how we feel inside, is by song. That is why it is so necessary to get it right. Many hours are used to express these words to those that hear the music. The singer understands them, but they know there are “listeners” and “hearers” in the audience. The song will reach the heart of the hearer. But it will take time for the “listener” to truly engage themselves into the sound of the music before it reaches their heart, before they can become a true “hearer” of the music.

Since I the days of my youth, I have known several local rock bands. There were those that were unsuccessful, and then those that went on to make a career for themselves in the music industry. What I speak, I refer to my experience and the experience of those that have made a life for themselves making music. If you decide, that you want to follow your dreams and become a singer, or part of a band, realize that it is going to take a lot of time, energy and money to become successful. You are going to have to better than everyone else out there. So there is no room for mediocrity. If you believe you do not have what it takes, to be better than the rest, do not get discouraged. You can still be a weekend warrior. There are plenty of pubs, bars, and event centers that cater to unknown or local bands. If you are genuine about loving music, then it won’t matter where you play at. What matters most, is that you are playing to express what you feel inside. There is no better therapy then song. There is no better way to express yourself, then with words and music. Do not be discouraged if you don’t have what it takes to be a musician. There are plenty of people that really enjoy what music means to them in their life. Again, the “hearers”. They are not always musicians, but are not the kind of individual to let their enthusiasm for music to go unnoticed. They want to do something about it, and they are getting it done. You have heard the expression, those that “can’t” teach! This is true, and there isn’t any shame in it. If you can’t sing, then you might as well teach the art of singing. Can it be done? Of course it can, and it does happen frequently. We all have our place in the world of music. You are either a listener or a hearer. The hearers achieve much more with the world of music around them. They are not content with not having an impact to the music industry. In the subtle of ways, the hearers can make an impact. Are you doing all you can, to have an influence as a hearer of music?

If you are a singer, or would like to get a professional opinion about your ability, please send your MP3 to If we like your singing we will play it on our podcast. We look forward to “hearing” from you.

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