The Cassette is making a comeback, and its stronger than ever!

GTI with a tape deck.

"With every GTI that is sold, you will get a tape deck, and a air fresh thing"

If this is not enough to bring back tape cassette's I totally loss for words. Where's my George Jones tape cassette?

I was hoping to open my newspaper this morning to a huge headline that read, “the cassette tape was making a comeback”. Wow, just think of it. The nostalgia of the cassette tape is larger than life itself. Is there anything in life that could replace the entire process of making a mix tape? Yes, a mix CD. Well, maybe if you were thinking technology wise, that could be correct. However, think back to when you made your first mix tape. If you are a guy, the mix tape was probably to impress your girlfriend. Maybe it was to impress someone that you wish was your girlfriend. Needless to say, it was a process that took many hours. Sometimes it would take days. Not the recording part, but going through your collection of music. Listening to each of the songs, to make sure they were applicable. Is there any greater feeling than this? Don’t get me wrong, I have run into some bad experiences with recording mix tapes. Maybe I can tell you about it over a glass of beer.  However, this article about “cassette’s making a comeback”.

Right now, you are saying to yourself “YES”…finally! Now, hold on a minute there partner. There isn’t any data or analytics to show a trend in purchasing cassette’s. Though it sounded like a really great campaign to start. I would get rid of my iPod faster than you can say “if you lay with dogs you get fleas”. I can listen to my old school music on iPod all day long, and never get a feeling of Nostalgia. However, once I pop that cassette tap in, a flood of emotions and memories will come back. There is just something about the entire process. Outside of mixed tapes and downloaded songs from the radio. It’s the entire experience of searching endlessly through the music store. Deciding if you should go with the cassette tape, or splurge on the CD. At that time, CD’s were still a NEW technology and cost anywhere from $15.00 - $20.00. So it wasn’t a hard decision to make. I would always select the tape cassette.

Now maybe you were a digital freak and you just couldn’t wait to get out of the analog generation. CD’s were an easy transition for you to make. However, you slowly started to miss out an experience and you didn’t even think twice about it. Until all you had was an MP3 Player or iPod. Yes, my friends even the MP3 format that had made decades of illegal downloads possible will be replaced by a new and better format called AAC.

It gives me great pleasure to post one of many articles regarding the old MP3 format.


Ok, now that I am over that, let’s continue on with the sweet success of our beloved tape cassettes. Yes, it was a dying technology. Facing reality to say “analog” was no longer going to be used was depressing to say the least. I made the transition and adapted my surroundings to it. After all, technology has made some great advancements, that society really needed. With advancement in technology, it would be nice to see devices have a longer shelf life. I can’t recall one tape drive, that broke down on me. Not one!! Do I recall how many times I mended a tape cassette back to working condition? Yes, I do. But it was fun, and I knew it was possible to fix. Every time I buy a new device, I wonder how long I will have it before it breaks down. No matter what type of protective cover you buy, they always break down. They always crack, they always fail to bring you years of satisfaction and nostalgia. I can’t remember the last time I had to buy software because I was afraid of someone breaking into my cassette recorder. That’s because you didn’t have to worry about it. People could duplicate cassette’s and the record industry would still flourish. Record labels would get paid, artists would get paid, everyone would benefit, and life was great. From the perspective of millennials, life is wonderful. Technology has made life so much easier for them. With a press of a button, they can do virtually anything. I have to admit, I am always connected, but it’s part of my job. However, there isn’t a day that I wished for the simpler days of popping in a tape cassette and listening to some of the best tunes ever. Bring back the tape cassette deck and make them standard in every truck, jeep and SUV.

If you want to start a campaign to bring back the tape cassette player, then now is the time to make your voice heard. I just don’t know how realistic that is. Though it certainly makes for some interesting conversation and debate.