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"Country is strong and thriving".

Is Country music only popular in the United States? Contrary to what some believe, there is a heavy following of country music artists in other countries. We recently teamed up with a company that is trying to bring success for its country music independents in the beautiful country of Australia. The name of the company is called “My Country Australia”. It is our intent to bring country music to all countries. The more networks that we have, the more of a mouth piece country music has. We have learned that right here in our own country, the genre of country music is thriving and alive. Which goes against, all of the articles written about country music is dead. All I say to that is, show me the proof? The burden of proof lies on the individual (s) that are making this claim.

We have found country music to be thriving in the most distant of lands. Places, where you wouldn’t think country music to be popular. Let’s take a look at some examples: For instance, give consideration to the country of the Philippines. Some say that country music is not popular in the Philippines. However, I happen to know different. I have friends from the Philippines and the popularity of country music is on the rise. The Cordilleras, is known for a strong American influence where country music has had a lasting effect. Even outside of Cordilleras you will hear country music in various establishments around Baguio City.

That might be an interesting fact. However, it doesn’t reflect an ongoing movement, or a solid change in music culture for that country. Maybe not. However, we do not know what will happen as country music takes hold to the Philippine people. There could be a major increase of country music fans in that country. There are other countries that we have personal experience, where country music’s popularity has grown significantly.


When we first started Country Music Vibe, we had an influx of Canadian artists requesting to have profiles on our platform. We never had any indication that country music was so popular in Canada. There is no doubt, that country music has a firm hold on Canadians. I was impressed by the artists that I heard. I thought these artists can give the United States a run for its money when it comes to Country Music.

For example, some of the artists to come out of Canada that ended up with a successful career are the following: k.d. lang, Gordon Lightfoot, and Terri Clark. Finally, the most recent wave includes Carolyn Dawn Johnson, the Road Hammers, and Corb Lund. Then there is someone by the name of Shania Twain. J Not a bad list of names. I grew up listening to Gordon Lightfoot. It’s not surprising when you come to think about it. Canada has similar roots in folk music and culture. They also have many lands that are maintained by cowboys, and farm hands that thrive off country music. Canadian country music artists have found huge success in the U.S.


The country with the most similarities to the culture of the United States country music is Australia. However, we couldn’t find many differences between the two countries of Canada and Australia when it comes to having a strong country music influence.

In Australia, country music sprang up independent of US influence. Instead it draws its roots, as does US country, from Irish and British folk ballads and intersperses them with a healthy dose of singing about ranching life, political protest, trucking, and issues concerning the native population. Sound familiar?

Australia had their national folk ballad “Waltzing Matilda” before the US had ever heard the names Jimmy Rodgers or the Carter Family. Australia has Slim Dusty, and what name could possibly be more country than that? Well, we could think of a few, starting with Hank Williams Sr. and Patsy Cline. I believe that would be the end of the argument.

The US has seen a fair number of Australian exports, led by Keith Urban. But before Keith there was Olivia Newton-John. Though, I like to give an artist the ability to call themselves country, if there is anything in there music that looks like country or smells like country. Nothing about her music fits into these categories. Let’s just say you have Keith Urban to fall back on. 

Others to achieve moderate success in the US include Catherine Britt, Sherrié Austin, Kasey Chambers, the Waifs, the John Butler Trio, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. However, with our new endeavors and network, we are looking to find the best country music talent that exists in Australia and the world in general. We know that you are out there, just waiting to be discovered.

There is a strong following for country music, almost anywhere you travel to. Even Iran. Imagine that. If you are located in any particular country where you believe that country music is coming on strong, please feel free to send us your thoughts. Our email address is

Country Music Vibe – In our next article we will cover more countries or cities where country music is catching on strong.