Ask yourself: Do you really have enough money to pay another membership fee? Should an artist have to continue to pay out money for their music to be heard?

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"Bad mistake, here is why you should avoid it at all costs"

The answer is absolutely not. Yes, everything you do in this life cost money. However, our artists having been paying out of their pocket for decades, and we have been getting music for FREE. Even though we shouldn’t. All music that is available for download, should be paid for. Artists should never, ever make their music available for FREE. I know this seems like a great marketing decision, but in the long run it is not. Even in the short term, you’re still losing. Think about the message you are sending. You are saying that your music is not good enough to purchase. Is .99 going to break the bank? We use .99 because that is the average cost for a download on iTunes or other platforms for purchasing music. STOP GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE. The only time it makes sense to giveaway an EP or a CD, is if you’re doing a drawing or giveaway. It is important to note, that it’s for promotional purposes only. So fan’s don’t come to expect that you will be doing it on a regular basis.

When you do a giveaway, you are implying you are getting something of value in return. It is always, advisable to put a value on what you are giving away. Example: The value of this particular giveaway is $$$ including the cost of shipping. Again, this implies that your music normally costs money. It has value. Then if you are adding an autograph to it, add on additional costs. So that you can imply that there is value that they are getting by entering the drawing. Most individuals that enter the drawing will read the terms and accept them before entering. Which means they are offering up their email address. Which can be used for your OWN email strategy. If your email strategy is done correctly, then it will lead to recouping the money that was spent to giveaway those CD’s.


Maybe your at a point, where you are tired of being a music artist. You have invested much time, money and effort into singing and you wish you could get out of it. No matter what marketing objectives you have, or what strategies you have tried nothing is working like you want. You have been reading articles on the internet, and taking advice from your publicist. Everything seems to point to giving your music away to obtain an audience. After all, that is what other independents are doing. Really? Is that what all the other “no name” independents are doing? Giving your music away, is what all the articles on the internet are saying to do? I believe that the advice that you are receiving is one of the best ways to move yourself right out of the music business. Well, that and just giving up all together. Which in reality, is basically what you are doing, when you give away your music for FREE.

I like this quote I read today. It says “For independents, its simply the first step in the relationship between you and the consumer, and you already gave away what could be your most valued asset: Your Music”.

Is this how you want to start your career? How quickly do you want to end it? Please give consideration to these questions. If you have a link to download music on your website, please remove it. If it’s on a partner site, please remove it. Billions of dollars have been wasted on giving away FREE music. Not too mention illegal downloads. This has been a problem over decades. So it’s not a problem that will automatically fix itself. However, you can only resolve what is in your control to do so.  



Sometimes, I dislike the use of the term strategy. From a marketing standpoint, the use of the term makes sense. However, to the consumer it sounds like the “the wool is being pulled over your eyes”. Though that is the farthest definition of what a strategy is intended for. A great strategy works, when you understand it, and when its put into practice effectively. There are many other things you can do, other than giving away the bank. By far, one of the best ways of connecting with a potential fan is by being personable with them. I said “personable” not “personal”. There is a difference between the two. When you are personable you tend to give more consideration to your appearance. You think about being agreeable or focused on a positive personality. If you come across personal, then you start sharing things about your private life that your fan’s should not know about you. Besides, they may not want o know above your relationships, emotions and what is going on in your life. Though with social media platforms that seems to be the order of the day. Everyone wants to know what is going on in your personal life. WARNING: Sharing personal things, is one way to get un wanted attention by a fan.

So the content of your social media page and website is important. Work on improving your bio’s, galleries, and video’s. Do you remember the last time you visited your website? Do you remember the last accomplishment that you posted on your website? Do not forget, your brand should always be built upon your website, not your social media page. A social media page can always be disrupted or taken down. You do not own your social media page. There is more control over your content when it is posted on your website. Social media pages should be used to compliment your website, not to replace it.

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