Do you sometimes feel, that all you got was 15 minutes, when you were looking for a lifetime of fame?


Andy Warhol

"In the future everybody would be world famous for fifteen minutes".

It was once quoted by the late Andy Warhol, that “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes”. This quote later became what we know today as “everyone’s 15 minutes of fame”. So anything that happens on t.v. or in radio, or the internet, people will automatically refer to this once famous quote. Was this quote to be taken literally? Is it accurate? Let’s start by reviewing the application of this quote, and how it may apply to you as a Country music artist.

The future of an artist doesn’t depend on a quote that was made by someone back in 1968. Did he truly believe he have the ability to foresee what the future would hold for man? While, he made that quote several times before his death, he himself mentioned that it had a line of truth to it. That statement alone, mentions that it wouldn’t apply to everyone. Also, he never implied that he was a prophet of some kind. Now, it only seems coincidental that people are in the news for positive and negative reasons. I don’t believe that this is a prophetic quote. Especially since there are no prophets in our day. The last prophets were those in bible times. However, we are not trying to make this a article about prophecy. We are just taking a moment to examine a statement to see if it applies to country music artists.

Have you enjoyed what seems to be your 15 minutes of fame? Hopefully not. Because it is our purpose to help the artists on Country Music Vibe to enjoy a lifetime of fame. Though, in a reallife situation, your 15 minutes could be on stage performing before an audience. However, with the type of talent that we are getting on CMV, they should be getting more than 15 minutes of time to perform before a given audience or venue. If they don’t is it because their audience members subscribe to this jargon of “15 minutes of fame” and then your history? I don’t think anyone truly believes that.


Getting past the prophetic “15 minutes of fame”.

So we already established that the quote of 15 minutes of fame is history. It has no true impact on country music artists today. There are “one hit wonders”. Well at least, that is the definition that someone else in the industry uses to describe an individual with one prominent song. This song is used to define the existence of an artist or band. Needless to say, Country Music Vibe doesn’t subscribe to this phrase of “one hit wonder” either. However, we will leave that for another article topic. Hopefully by now we all are on the same page. There is no 15 minutes of fame for any country music artist. There is “success” and then there is “failure”. There is no in between. The artists that I have met, are not singing as a hobby. They are truly looking to make a professional career for themselves. They want to make it to the BIG STAGE. Meanwhile, they are taking smaller gigs in order to support themselves, and for brand awareness.

It is apparent that not all country music artists make a professional career by singing. They end up falling into the category of “success” or “failure”. So if they are not a successful but experience a level of exposure and popularity, doesn’t that mean they have experienced “15 minutes of fame”? Absolutely not. My friends, there are only two options. Can one say, because they experienced a level of popularity that they were a success at singing? Well, they can tell themselves they were a success, but that would be falling short of reality.


The definition of your success and how to make it happen.

Making success happen. Now, that is the answer that everyone looks for, regardless of what profession they are in. Often times, you can get really specific to a plan that needs to be followed in order for success to occur. Now, if you follow a plan for success, that does that guarantee anything? Nope. However, it will put you closer to your goal, then simply doing nothing. It will enable you to focus on what you need to do, and put you on track for doors that open. Where there is opportunity, there should be an individual that knocks (sings) loudly enough to be heard. We have established that you are a talented singer. Matter of fact, for this article there is no doubt that you are a talented artist.

Then what next? You need to focus on the entire package, in order to fall in the category of failure. Remember, there is no reward for “15 minutes of fame”.  There are hundreds if not thousands of articles out there on how to become a successful singer. How do you know if you can trust what you read? Some of it, sounds reasonable. Though it also sounds like using common sense. For instance, after reading articles that I think could benefit, you I came across an article from I had to laugh, because there was a step by step process with illustrations. After I got through the common sense suggestions, I got to into what is called the “deeper things”. Which are the recommendations that actually are applicable to a country music artist. Like finding the right agency to sign with, and how to go about signing a contract. This is important, but it’s really just a reminder. However, when it comes to legal matters such as contracts and agreements, you should always have legal representation. Do not take a genuine smile for affirmation of the agencies trustworthiness.

I try not to go to deep in to this topic, because there are so many other things to consider. Like if your going to be an independent, or if you plan on signing with a label. That my friend is a personal decision, and we can go over it, in another article. Ok, let’s get back to the “entire package” that you are selling your fans. One of the best pieces of advice, was what I heard come out of the mouth of a professional football player. He said, “I am great at what I do, because I live it on the field, and when I am not. I am the constant professional, even when no one is looking. I speak it, I dress it, I live it. That is why I am such a great player”. Indeed, this player has a long career with proof of his accomplishments. This professional is living a life of success. Oh, and so is his spouse. Never in his mind came the term “15 minutes of fame”.


Follow the path that leads to success.

 Whether you succeed as a country music artist or not, depends upon you. In the end, you will not be able to look back and say “if only”…..”if only”. By then it will be too late. Your time, will have past you by. If you haven’t checked out the clock by now, well you should. The longer you take to get things done, the longer it will take for you to have an impact on the industry. We all are familiar with getting our ducks in a row. Well, its time for you to do that too. Again, we have already established that you have talent. Have you accomplished the following:

1.     Create a website

2.     Social Media – platforms

3.     Professional photo’s

4.     Song/Audio/Video

5.     Agent/Management/Label/Publicist/Mentor

Ok, I can do that, you say. Though before you go overboard with confidence. Have you ever heard of a flowchart? Each of the items above 1-5 can be processed through a flowchart. Meaning that they have “possible” alternate processes and procedures. I like to call them, sub categories. Because each item above leads to another action. The for an effective means of determining what works for you, each item should be processed through a flowchart. There are many factors involved in the digital age that we live in. Everything you do, will lead you to a digital platform of some kind. If you do not have a strong digital presence, then you fall into that classification of failure. Regardless of how talented you are. It is just an different generation. Today, we get our music differently. Everything is through downloads or purchase online. So in order to make it happen online, you have to have a great platform for distribution and content. For this to occur, you need to have a solid plan.

Often times, people give up on social media because they fail to plan, and fail to understand how it works. Even the most literate of social media consultants, continue to post content that no longer works. It comes down to two things, “content” and “shares”. However, not all content works the same, and not all shares do either. However, they are effective when they work hand in hand. We will go into this, and more regarding this subject of a digital presence, social media, the whole package and more. The next article we will talk about your digital presence as a country music artist.