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Do you sometimes feel, that all you got was 15 minutes, when you were looking for a lifetime of fame?

Art rendering of an Andy Warhol painting. I am pretty sure, that its just a replica, and it only took 15 minutes to paint.

It was once quoted by the late Andy Warhol, that “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes”. This quote later became what we know today as “everyone’s 15 minutes of fame”. So anything that happens on t.v. or in radio, or the internet, people will automatically refer to this once famous quote. Was this quote to be taken literally? Is it accurate? Let’s start by reviewing the application of this quote, and how it may apply to you as a Country music artist.

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Ask yourself: Do you really have enough money to pay another membership fee? Should an artist have to continue to pay out money for their music to be heard?

Marketing you way out of the music business? Does this sound familiar to you? Well, here are some things you should know, and understand completely.

Maybe your at a point, where you are tired of being a music artist. You have invested much time, money and effort into singing and you wish you could get out of it. No matter what marketing objectives you have, or what strategies you have tried nothing is working like you want. You have been reading articles on the internet, and taking advice from your publicist. Everything seems to point to giving your music away to obtain an audience. After all, that is what other independents are doing. Really? Is that what all the other “no name” independents are doing? Giving your music away, is what all the articles on the internet are saying to do? I believe that the advice that you are receiving is one of the best ways to move yourself right out of the music business. Well, that and just giving up all together. Which in reality, is basically what you are doing, when you give away your music for FREE.


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A website without social media. Is there any benefit to just using one over the other?

Pancakes without the syrup, now that really don't make much sense now does it? Well maybe in a pinch, but typically not.

As you are about to sit down for your favorite blueberry pancakes, you reach into the cupboard for the pancake syrup and it’ nowhere to be found. All of a sudden, what was to be the highlight of your day, has now turned into an unpleasant experience.  What does pancakes and syrup have to do with websites and social media, you ask? It has everything to do with it. Syrup is the perfect compliment to the stack of pancakes.


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