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Brent Giddens - Taking on life with the help of some country lyrics and amazing acoustics.

There isn't much life can teach Brent, that he has not already experienced. Writing has become easier, as he reflects upon what life has taught him.

Taken from his strong Midwestern values, and life experiences, Brent has taken the good with the bad. Single father, with two daughters, he expects to be writing several songs about love, family, and a lot of emotion. Brent enjoys writing creative lyrics that have a simple cadence. Moreover, turning a negative quality or situation into a comical play on words is also a goal for Brent.

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Nicole Ray - Canada's very own country music sensation.

One of Canada's most finest country singers.

Nicole Rayy first blasted into the Canadian Country music scene in 2012 with the release of her debut EP “Only Everything”. Recorded with award-winning musician, composer, and producer Lance Anderson of Cherry Beach Sound and enlisting the talents of top Country guitarist and CCMA Hall of Fame recipient, Wendell Ferguson, Only Everything was a strong debut for Nicole, showcasing the diverse range of emotion and vocal range through her songs with a subject matter that is personal as much as it is relatable.

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