Some decisions are easier to make then others.


Georgia Rae Family Band - Country Music Vibe

That statement is kind of obvious. However, signing a bluegrass band was one of the easiest decisions to make. There is a huge market for bluegrass music. However, this doesn’t mean that you implement a bluegrass artist into your brand and move on. You still have to find a talented bluegrass band, and implement an effective strategy. After all,  you don’t sign a band just to say that you have one. The purpose to have a PR or Booking Agency is to be successful. In turn, you want to make the artist  successful as well. Every decision you make, can have a positive or negative effect on your reputation. The right bluegrass band is “instrumental” to it’s longevity.


The Georgia Rae Family Band signs agreement, and the picture becomes clear.


Country Music Vibe PR has a scouting process for independent music artists. Yes, it’s similar to sports clubs. However, our process seems to be a lot more exciting. Especially when you end up signing talented artist or band. We do not sign up every artist on the spot. Even though we should. We face losing the opportunity when we hesitate. Though if we react on our first impression of the artist, it could backfire.


Signing a bluegrass band was important to our Country Music Vibe. Each artist that we sign has to bring value to our agency. Value, as in quality. That is exactly what the Georgia Rae Family Band brings. They bring a talent of high quality. We know this for a fact. We have done plenty of research before signing them. They are well worth the amount of time vested into helping them become more  successful then what they already are.


The future belongs to those that are determined.


The long term goal of most artists is to perform in front of audiences, and eventually get recognized for their efforts and talent. Some take different avenues or paths to get there. Why some journeys are short lived, it is not always due to talent. It’s the choices that are made. Artists get frustrated because their music career doesn’t show signs of paying off. The only decision they are left with is quitting. The Georgia Rae Family Band only knows determination. There is no quit in these artists. They are focused on their goals, and their purpose never changes. Country Music Vibe PR has made one of the best decisions this year, by signing the Georgia Ray Family Band. We look forward to the many successes that both brands will experience during our business relationship.


We thank everyone that has continued to support them throughout their musical career. If you are interested in booking the Georgia Rae Family Band, please contact Country Music Vibe PR at pr@countrymusicvibe.com or by calling 813.397.8410. Thank you.