PRESS RELEASE 09-08-2018 Gulf Web Services becomes the latest sponsor of Country Music Vibe


Gulf Web Services and Country Music Vibe – Sponsorship

Gulf Web Servies - Country Music Vibe

Gulf Web Services

"Not your typical web development service".

It made complete sense to Country Music Vibe, when looking for sponsorship, to include a web development company. I firmly believe that a social media page without a website will be effective. Yes, you may get followers on your social media page, but you will not get those followers to purchase your product.

The purpose of your fan page, is to lead a person to the end result. Which is a purchase, or conversion. You want a social media like, to translate into something of value. That is why you post engaging content. You spend many hours talking with your fans, for a specific purpose. Did you spend all that time, because you didn’t have anything to do? No, not at all. Matter of fact, as an artist you have plenty of things that need to be done. However, giving back to your fans, and engaging them through social media is important. To develop that fan like, you have to go through steps that lead to a download or purchase. The stopping point is when they land on your website. That is where the fan becomes a consumer. That is where the retention of that consumer happens as well.

This is just a small explanation of how important a website is to any business or brand. As an artist, you are both a business and a brand. Your website is the only platform that you truly have control over. Your social media account, can be taken away from you in a matter of seconds. So to house your brand on a social media page, isn’t an intelligent decision. You are giving all the control of your brand to a social media platform.

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Gulf Web Services is the solution

The point is, empower yourself and your brand through use of a website. When it comes to the design and performance of you website, do not leave it to chance. The developer of your website had to know what they are doing. Many website developers can create code for websites. However, they might not know what a website should look like. Are they still stuck in the 90’s with a format that screams “please update me”!!!! A sure fire way, of turning a viewer off your website, is by keeping it old school.

You’re average viewer will spend seconds on the home page. You will notice a dramatic change in the analytics if it looks modern. What better way to welcome someone to your home page, if it is clean and inviting. That sounds familiar doesn’t it? That is the same feeling you want to give visitors that you invite into your house. Do you want them to turn around and leave? No way. You want them to feel comfortable, “set a spell, take your shoes off”. You want them to come back now, right? Exactly.

Therefore, “Gulf Web Services is the solution”. They are a solution for Country Music Vibe, and they are your website solution as well. We wanted to feel empowered with our website performance. So it was important for them to become a sponsor, not just a service that we use.

About Gulf Web Services

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional and affordable website development and successful marketing campaigns for the local business community. Whatever your goals, we will design a plan to help you achieve them! Your web site should reflect your style, promote your products or services — and should position you for the future!

Our Clients

We primarily serve the Cape Coral and Fort Myers areas, but we have clients all over the country. We will listen to your individual needs and goals, identify your target audience, research your competition and then move forward in helping you to create a professional Internet presence.

Why Us?

Gulf Web Services was founded in the early 2000’s as one of the first web development companies in Southwest Florida. We have grown with this community and we are here to stay! We use the latest tools and techniques available that will set you apart from your competitors.

Mobile Friendly
Web Design

A responsive website layout will adjust to fit the screen size of a desktop computer, tablet or a smart phone. Your website will be built to look fabulous and function flawlessly on any viewing screen!

Search Engine

Only white hat (proper) optimization techniques are used to boost your search engine rankings organically. Extensive keyword and market research will allow you to provide engaging content to your visitors.

Local Internet Marketing

Your thoroughly researched keywords and content will then be used to market locally using social media platforms and trusted link partners while also building authority and trust in your market.

Advertising Campaigns

Stop wasting money! Let us evaluate, manage and track the performance of your Pay-Per-Click and Social Media campaigns to ensure that you are getting the most exposure and click potential for the lowest cost!

You will not make a better investment in your brand and services, then having Gulf Web Services build your website. The last thing you should worry about when you are building a successful company, is the design and performance of your website.

Gulf Web Services will take the worries and concern out of the picture. So your future for your brand will look clear, with a bright outcome.