Deidre Thornell - She has the persistence, determination and energy to power a Ferrari, where the fuel that burns full throttle is ignited by the heat of a creative mind

Inspired by some of the best country music, but calls on her own unique abilities to belt out some of the best country lyrics to date.

Coupled with her confidence, her passion for music was evident at a very early age. Coming from a large family, she always had an audience ready to see her perform. But, it was the annual talent show at her elementary school when she was in kindergarten that allowed others to see her talent.

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Maggie Thorn - Live appearances come easy to her. She is dedicated to country music, and it shows in her performances.

She doesn't limit herself to one type of audience of place of public appearance. Performing anywhere there is a crowd of country music fans is where she wants to be.

Attending a live performance it is easy to see why she has dedicated her life to music and songwriting as she has truly come to love entertaining people and continues to perform regularly at festivals, clubs, wineries, charities and other venues in Missouri, Nashville and beyond. Stay connected, her calendar is always being updated with even more exciting shows for 2017.

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