Deidre Thornell - She has the persistence, determination and energy to power a Ferrari, where the fuel that burns full throttle is ignited by the heat of a creative mind

Deidre Thornell - Country Music Vibe

Deidre Thornell

"Her passion for must was evident at a very early age".


Deidre’s music is contemporary country that is highly influenced with a bluesy-pop/rock fusion. She has co-written five out of the six songs from her first Nashville-produced six song EP, “DALLAS.” She has the persistence, determination and energy to power a Ferrari, where the fuel that burns full throttle is ignited by the heat of a creative mind, a riveting voice, and a tireless work ethic.  Deidre has the undeniable ability to connect with her audience, but perhaps her greatest strength is her belief in herself.  It is that belief, in fact, that she shines both in her writing and her performances.

Coupled with her confidence, her passion for music was evident at a very early age. Coming from a large family, she always had an audience ready to see her perform. But, it was the annual talent show at her elementary school when she was in kindergarten that allowed others to see her talent. When the opportunity for talent shows passed, she further fed her desire to sing by taking voice lessons, enlisting the help of famed Dallas-area vocal coach Linda Septien. At age 12, Deidre quickly became the youngest to be accepted into Septien’s Master Class Program, and the only country artist, showcasing at Dallas’ Granada Theatre and Hard Rock Cafe. 

At 15, in an attempt to further grow in her career, Deidre began songwriting. She procured the help of Ron Grimes (LeAnn Rimes), who became her mentor and co-writer, and started the process of putting together a 12-song demo. Around the same time, Deidre was hired as a performer for Six Flags Over Texas, singing and dancing for the Country Is My Rock show and Honky Tonk Christmas. She remained active in her school choir and began singing the National Anthem for several area sporting events, including the Dallas Cowboys football game at the new AT&T Stadium.

Deidre knew Nashville was the end goal, but it was the “how and when” that would soon be determined. She went on to college, but her heart was in writing and putting together her live shows, taking vocal cues from music’s biggest vocalists like Whitney Houston, Patsy Cline, Martina McBride and Miranda Lambert, and mastering performance skills through careful study of videos from Cher, Madonna, Shania Twain and Reba. 

In 2013 as one of five National finalists in the Texaco Country Showdown, Deidre landed on the Ryman Auditorium stage. 

Ultimately, Deidre made the move to Music City in the summer of 2015, immersing herself in the town’s talent pool and setting up co-writes. Through Ron Grimes, Deidre met Nashville producer, Jacob Rice, who has produced all of her new songs to date. Despite much talent-driven success, Deidre’s work ethic, fearlessness and belief in herself remain some of her most powerful attributes. 

Currently, Deidre is putting together show dates for 2018 and continuing to write and record new material every month to expand her song catalog.

“Miranda Lambert is the perfect example. She came in third in Nashville Star, moved home, got herself a game plan, got her business together and came back to Nashville to pitch her material – which again, is a vulnerable place to be. She has never been afraid to put herself out there, stay reinvent, stay fresh for her audience... In many respects, I’m much the same. I understand that success as a touring artist doesn’t happen overnight – This is why I work so hard at it every day. But I choose to believe it will happen.”  (Deidre Thornell)