Heidi Parton - An interview with a legend in the making. She opens up to CMV regarding bias in the music industry.

Is it more difficult for women to get work in the country music industry then men? Heidi Parton opens up to Country Music Vibe in a compelling interview. There is so much more to Heidi Parton then her talented music.

I have had heard that there is a stigma in the country music industry that men are getting more
work than women. I am relatively NEW to the country music industry as a Publicist to know if
there is a difference. I personally do not see it, nor have experienced a prejudice against
women country music singers. I would hope that isn’t the case. Some of my most favorite
country music singers are women. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great male country
music singers as well. However, I think back at some of the most dynamic country music singers and Crystal Gale, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton comes to mind.

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Interview with Java & Jams Sports Show - The realities of fantasy league sports. The positive and negative impact on your life.

The realities of Fantasy sports and the pressure it can put on your daily routine. Though resistance to play seems to be futile.

Even if you’re not interest in the off- season programs, there is always a build-up to the Fantasy Football season.  Preparing to play for a fantasy league, can take months of research and data comparison. If you take fantasy football seriously, then you’re not going to just show up to the draft and start picking players at random. Nor will you succumb to auto drafting. Fantasy sports have become so popular over the years, that individuals will pay entry fee’s just to get a chance to win. Enormous amounts of money are gambled for a change to become a winner.

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Jessica Lynn - A City girl? No. Not by any stretch of the imagination. She is a country girl at heart.

Getting her start in country music came early, and stuck with her forever. Remarkable and talented, country music is what made her who she is today.

A self-taught musician who formed her first band when she was a teenager, Lynn is so intent on being a successful country music artists that she put together the financing for her two PBS specials: “Jessica Lynn: This Much Fun – Live from St. George’s Winery” (2014) and “Jessica Lynn: Takin’ Over – Live at The Paramount” (2015). Jessica has also released two EP’s, her second one “Look at Me That Way” was recorded in Belgium last year with top European producer Patrick Hamilton at the helm.

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Jaclyn Kenyon - Songwriting is definitely an aspect of her career that Kenyon enjoys, the opportunity to create music with other kindred souls.

She has much to look forward as a country music singer. She has prooved that with a positive attitude and relentless drive, anything can happen.

For Jaclyn Kenyon, her experiences in Music City have been nothing but positive. A native of Hamilton, Ontario, the 20-year old singer/songwriter/musician fell in love with Nashville seven years ago, and is now spending every other month in the city pursuing her musical aspirations.

Several years ago Kenyon went out to Los Angeles to record an album. Even though she was working with some talented musicians, including Bon Jovi guitarist Phil X and Marilyn Manson drummer Gil Sharone, Kenyon felt that something was missing in the music.

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Caroline Gray Interview - Humility – Why it means everything to your music career.

It was important for us to get the perspective of someone that is highly respected in the country music industry. So we had to go to someone who knows what it takes to succeed.

Today if the day that you meet with your new manager or publicist. Maybe even a record label. As you prepare for your meeting, you look at yourself in the mirror and say “time to put my game face on”. What does that expression mean? We all have heard it at one time or another. It refers to having a “confident swagger you bring out when you are about to get ready to tackle something difficult, or when you are about to take on a challenge”. So, does being humble mean that you have to give up your game face? No, not by any means. There is an edge to being humble. No one expects you to come into the room, for a career changing opportunity with humility. They anticipate you being way to eager, or hard nose and ready to battle over contract terms.

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The Barbi Twins - Making the best of 15 minutes of fame?

There were a couple of sisters back in the late 90’s that were very popular. They could easily be identified by their names the “Barbi Twins”. Find out how this article applies to them, and how they responded to the questions raised by Country Music Vibe.

This article was directed towards country music artists. However, it applies also to those in the entertainment industry. If an actor or actress is no longer in the limelight, people refer to them as “15 and done”. They had their window of opportunity to be famous, and now it’s over for them. This quote was one of the most overrated quotes in the history of man. It was used to define both men and women. As if the talent of an individual was limited to just a small period of time. People don’t lose their talent, they just move on to something else that defines them. Actors, musicians, athletes, politicians, they change their scene. They realize that there is more to life, then the life they are currently experiencing.

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Eden Moody - Are you hesitant for a midlife change? Overcoming the fear of change.

Does a mid-life change create fear or anxiety for you, even if its, for your best interest?

What happens when you know you need a change, and yet you feel like you are too old to do anything about it? What will enable you to have the courage to take action? After all, only you can be accountable for the change in your life. No one else is going to push you into changing the habit of un-productivity. Well, unless you are married. Our spouses have a creative way of motivating us to make changes in our lives. Whether we want to or not. “Give me a moment, I have to finish the dishes”. Ok, I am back now. Clearly, that was an example of a man who had to be motivated by his wife to do the dishes. Like I said, not all change is easy. We sometimes are hesitant and even resist change. Even when we know it’s good for us to do so.

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Aaron Watson - A focused and rebellious country music artist, with more to prove.

Everyone has their own perspective when covering other artists music. Some feel that its a form of flattery, others its an opportunity to rip off someone's hard work.

We already mentioned that an artist cannot be successful by covering another artist’s music. Sooner than later, the artist will need to put both elements together. An artist must combine original words and music. Write your own lyrics, or have a professional write them for you. There are reputable organizations, that will connect you with professional songwriters. You may be saying to yourself “Who is this guy, what does he know about singing country music”? Actually, there is a lot I don’t know about singing or writing country music. However, there are many legal guidelines that I am familiar with, that prevents me from posting anything I do not have written permission to use.

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Ingrid Ever- When you travel, don't forget to pack your gym bag.

Nothing is more wrong than making excuses when you travel a lot. Have you ever overpacked your suitcase? 23 kg is a good start!

That's true, you have to eat. When talking about natural body-building, we have to close all our books about diets and do-it-yourself nutrition, all the web pages about perfect women who have invested many years to build the body they bring on the stage. Let's talk about what we see in natural body-building and I'm talking about ordinary women with an ordinary life without all that money to invest nor enough time to hit the gym three days a week!


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The Bellamy Brothers - Letting your love flow. The life and times of the Bellamy Brothers.

Quality music that has withstood the test of time, and music trends. The success of the Bellamy Brothers have made it clear, there style of music will always be unique and will be with us forever.

It is amazing the feeling you get when you hear a song from the past. Not just any song, but one that truly made an impact on you as you grew up. Other than Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Jr., few artists and their music had an impact on my entire life like that of The Bellamy Brothers. Every time I hear their music, it allows me to reminisce about the “good old days”. Songs like, “Let Your Love Flow”, “Red Neck Girl”, and “When I’m Away From You,” and so many more hits that they sang during the 80’s and 90’s  could make you fan of the Bellamy Brothers forever. There is not much in this life that makes you feel as good as music does. The Bellamy Brothers music was “feel good” music, and it had the ability to get you up and dancing, enjoying life, and forgetting all your troubles. How many bands can you say that about?

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Robert Ray Shafer Jr. - An amazing history of acting talent and a character that no T.V. show can be without.

There is more to this actor then what meets the eye. He has a history of acting that includes 30 or more movies and T.V. shows..

Before he became an actor, Robert Ray Shafer Jr. was born in Charleston, West Virginia, in April, 1958. His father was a heavy equipment operator and his mother a housewife. As a child he also lived in Bowie, Maryland, and graduated from high school in Romeo, Michigan, in 1976. After attending Broward College in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Shafer moved to Los Angeles in 1980. He studied acting with Peggy Feury at The Loft Studios and works in feature films, television, commercials, voice overs and the theater.

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Shannon Hale - MYOasis Therapeutic & Rehabilitative Massage Therapist

The time for wellness is right now. Reasons to believe, wellness is within reach. 

It seems as you get older, the only thing that becomes normal is chronic pain. Every day, there is a pain in the back, pain in the butt, in the legs, in the arms, in the head, the neck and I could go on and on. When will it ever end you ask? Is it possible that I can get some temporary relief at least? Often times, pain can be so severe that getting out of bed is not an option. Staying in bed no longer is an option either. What do I do? Nothing seems to get rid of my pain. I have tried ice, and heat. Long, cold and hot showers. Bathing with Epsom salts and other remedies that I can’t even pronounce. Yes, I am a little over weight, and I have changed my diet dramatically, yet there is this nagging pain and discomfort. Despite this chronic pain, we have the answers for you. We sat down with Shannon Hale who is a licensed therapeutic & rehabilitative massage specialist. She provided us some answers on for the questions that you so desperately need to know.

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Ingrid Ever - A woman with extraordinary abilities as a mother and writer.

Who knew she would be so successful in all phases of her life? Ingrid Ever did. See why in her interview with Country Music Vibe.

She is quite talented, and though her path has had twists and turns, it has become quite straight and focused as of late. So, we already know, that she has found success as a mother. But what other successes has she enjoyed in the past, and as of late? Well, this interview with Ingrid Ever is going to shed some light on the accomplishments she has had. We are also going to ask her some questions about her career. What is current going on with her life, and what are her plans for the future?

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Klaudija Ever - Interview: Artist opens up to CMV regarding her promising career as a singer.

She as a great voice with a wide range, that would suit any genre of music that she desires.

There’s no limits you can put on your style and on your voice. It’s not about” I don’t have the rock voice”. Who can define which is a rock voice? Some voices it’s true, might inspire specific genres, yet I think everyone can re intent their own way of doing it. Experimenting is the key, once you’ve found your comfort zone, get out of it. Rap, wasn’t my genre, but I created my own way of doing it, and it came up well, people appreciate it, and people were actually really surprised by this choice.

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