Ingrid Ever - A woman with extraordinary abilities as a mother and writer.


Ingrid Ever

"A talented woman that hides behind her humility. You would never know, she has accomplished so much, in a small period of time".

Most of the time you read something published by Country Music Vibe that is directly related to country music. I guess in a way this individual has a connection with CMV that indirectly fits into the category of country music. I know, most of you are saying “who is Ingrid Ever”? Is she a backup singer to Garth Brooks or Blake Shelton? Well, not quite. Though I have never had a chance to hear her sing, I am sure she has the ability to do so. It has to run in the family, right? After all, she is the mother of Italian Indie singer Klaudija Ever. Well, from what I understand, she is not quite the singer as Klaudija is. However, she is quite talented in many other areas. If asked, Ingrid would probably tell you that being a mother has been her greatest achievement. We would have to agree with her on that. Though, there is more to Ingrid that you would be interested in knowing. She is quite talented, and though her path has had twists and turns, it has become quite straight and focused as of late. So, we already know, that she has found success as a mother. But what other successes has she enjoyed in the past, and as of late? Well, this interview with Ingrid Ever is going to shed some light on the accomplishments she has had, and where her career is headed.

Please join me as CMV interviews director/writer Ingrid Ever.

CMV: I guess we sort of gave it away by the opening line. The part about director/writer. While we have been keeping updated with the career of your daughter Klaudija, we also had the opportunity to hear some exciting news about yours. Needless to say, we were delighted to hear about your latest accomplishments. Can you start by letting your audience know a little about your professional background, and what you currently are working on?

Ingrid: Well, I began as a French teacher when I was only 16 years old. I have a remarkable passion for languages for example, I managed to learn French Grammar in one week back when I was a teenager, then I became a translator from my native language which is Lithuanian to German, since then I developed my experience through managing my own Translations Company, but my deepest dream that I had since I was a little girl was becoming a screenwriter and director. Once I’ve learned everything about the field I was working in I totally dedicated myself to film industry collaborating with several writers and producers. And as you already know, I ended up acting as well.  I started looking around for my dream and I’ve just touched the surface, yet I’m blessed by all these opportunities and professional people that are coming along.

CMV:  One of the first things I knew about you is that you work out a lot. I didn’t know how much, until I saw some of your photo’s online. Needless to say, you are very fit. How often do you work out, and what is your diet like? Do you have any diet advice for the rest of us?

  Body by Ingrid Ever

Body by Ingrid Ever

Ingrid: I can say that, for the path that I’m walking on, if one day I decide to be a personal trainer, I could. I train 6 days a week, always followed by my dietist and trainers. They have helped me to transform my body and get the one I wanted. Writing my dreams for the year, I wrote that I wanted to compete as a Natural Bodybuilder. People often mistake that being a Natural Bodybuilder is way different than being a Bodybuilder. I’ve been recently told to stop training that much, otherwise I’ll become less feminine and way too muscular, yet they don’t understand that I’m only training my muscles the way they can naturally develop. More information is always a requirement before making those statements. Weightlifting is, frankly, the minor part of my training, everything starts by meals. It requires discipline and firmness, even more than lifting. I have plenty of diet advices that can be appropriate to each one, the only thing you have to do, is ask

CMV: Regarding your daughter Klaudija, how do you feel about the career path that she has chosen? Did you always picture her as a singer?

  Klaudija Ever and Mother Ingrid Ever

Klaudija Ever and Mother Ingrid Ever

Ingrid:  She wanted to be a surgeon at first. But I couldn’t figure her as one, to be honest, and she was really into music, people would compliment her for her particular tone and wide range, so I asked her “What do you want to do, medicine or music?” and, well, you know the answer. If you have a dream and you have the abilities to make it come true, go for it. Invest your time in only one thing, and you’ll see, that it will come out with quality. She knows that I got her back. She’s really young and needs to have someone to rely on, it’s a safe way to approach to this field, which has its own good and bad faces. She has the capabilities, sometimes I have to remember her where she’s going, kids can get lost sometimes, it’s my duty to keep her on the road, her job is to walk.

CMV: I know you have another child other than Klaudija. How are you able to juggle your own pursuits along with the needs of your children? When do you find time during the day? You must have very long days.

Ingrid: I always say “you can’t create or destroy time, you can manage it”. This is what I do, in addiction, my kids learnt through the years to be independent and autonomous, we help each other and we always manage situations. We are a great trio, we get along very well, almost paranormally I would say, because family quarrels are not so frequent, I’d say they don’t exist at all. It’s all matter of discipline you know, which has not to be taken for granted, because it’s something many people don’t have and can’t transmit to their kids. I’ve learnt about it when I was really young, and I want my kids to do the same.

CMV:  If you had the opportunity, what would you like to do for a living? What is your dream job?

Ingrid: I want to be a screenwriter and film producer, and I’m going that way. I have lots of ideas that I want to develop. In my stories, I talk about people and real stories that come out to be amazing. There’s no need to look for something extraterrestrial, outstanding stories are everywhere, you just need to listen.

CMV: Are you currently married? If not, why.

Ingrid: Having a strong personality and such a busy life it’s not easy to find time for relationships. I don’t deny that this is my future projects. I strongly believe in marriage, and I think that, soon in my life, will come a person strong enough to fit in my lifestyle.

CMV: Since the start of Country Music Vibe we have had the opportunity to collaborate with Klaudija. We know she has a different style in singing. However, she is very talented. Do you think you could persuade her to convert to country music? You know she would be very successful at it. You probably could talk me into being her manager too.



"SSShhhh Quiet on set, please".

Ingrid: She’s approaching to the genre. I personally have pushed her to sing, just to give it a try and see what would come out. I was quite amazed. She has the attitude and the range to do it. As a business woman I always give particular attention to the music she produces, to see if it’s appealing, catchy. I’ll keep an eye on her country productions. Well, you can definitely be her manager on the country world. I see you have the right passion and involvement to take care of this part of the business. You have given Klaudija songs that challenged her, and made her grow mentally and vocally, so I know she’d be in great hands when it will come to country. We can talk about the production of a song of hers in country style.

CMV: I believe that you and Klaudija have been the easiest artists to work with. I always feel comfortable with making requests, and you are always willing to work with Country Music Vibe on any of our projects. You both are loyal and trustworthy. This is something that has been lost in the music industry. It speaks volumes about your character and values. I hope both of you and Klaudija succeed in all your endeavors. Please let me know if there is anything that Country Music Vibe can do to help you.

Ingrid: Thanks to you for your support. It has been a pleasure to work with you and I know, it will still be. You’ve done a lot in our lives, artistically talking. We are glad to work with professional people like you. It gives faith back in the music industry.

CMV: Would you be willing to do a follow up interview in a couple of months?

Ingrid: For sure, in a couple months, lot of things can change and happen!

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