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Klaudija Ever

"Being in L.A. this summer has allowed me to express myself in many ways".

Klaudija Ever has long been considered a talented artist, just waiting to be discovered. Klaudija’s roots are based in Italy. However, she is currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. You first became familiar with Klaudija’s music through Country Music Vibe. She is famous for her song called “Mi Amerai” which means “You will love me” in Italian. It is obvious that she is not a country singer, but I couldn’t resist an opportunity to collaborate with her on some of the cover songs that she sang and produced video’s for. Klaudija was easy to work with, and was eager to receive any criticism or opinions I had regarding her selection of songs. Actually, I was totally amazed by the level of respect that she had for me. Speaking with Klaudija and her mother enabled me to get updates on a regular basis as to her progress. Especially since she lived in Italy at the time.

During her time in Italy, I have had the privilege of seeing her perform live in front of several venues and audiences. While she has had her share of obstacles, she showed her level of resilience. Klaudija has refused to let any closed door or any venue mishap to prevent her from pursuing her singing career.

With that said, Country Music Vibe wanted to find out the latest and greatest details about Klaudija’s professional career as a singer. It is time to find out what she has been up to. Thankfully Klaudija has given us the permission to interview her. The interview was insightful and we know you will enjoy hearing from her.

CMV:  Good Day Klaudija

Klaudija: Good day to you dear.

CMV: How have you been doing as of late?

Klaudija: It has been a full summer. Yet I don’t mind, every effort I make is bringing me toward my dream, since I knock the door and it opens, I’m keeping it this way. There is music to produce, lyrics to write. It has become my, I would say full time job. And I love it.

CMV: It was nice to hear that you relocated to Los Angeles, CA to pursue your music career. Did you make a permanent move to California? Or is this just temporary?

Klaudija: I spent one week in L.A. to test the ground you know? I find Los Angeles a place where I can express myself effectively in many fields such as acting, modeling, performing. I’ve always been grateful for my interest in Performing Arts. And besides singing, I’m making experience in the acting field. In fact, I’ll be part of A movie called “Starved” which is a horror movie. It treats a peculiar theme which is cannibalism, it can be seen as a utopic scenario, yet I think it’s not, it describes an alternative reality, that is not too surreal.

I don’t settle limits to myself, whatever I feel like doing, I do. In this world multitasking is always appreciated and valorized.

CMV:  Your vocals have such a wide range. I remember some of your covers, and there was a large variety. Anywhere from Jazz to rap. Not many singers can say they have that ability to sing either Jazz or rap, and yet you can do both. Who or what would you contribute your vocal abilities?

Klaudija: What I truly think is that, whether you are a heavy metal singer or a RnB singer, you should have a wide music knowledge. It’s all about textures that you can find in all the genres.

I shall thank my curiosity, which is a prerogative of being young, I guess. Some shades of my voice are clear as the day, some are rough. And I got it from listening to many genres.

There’s no limits you can put on your style and on your voice. It’s not about” I don’t have the rock voice”. Who can define which is a rock voice? Some voices it’s true, might inspire specific genres, yet I think everyone can re intent their own way of doing it. Experimenting is the key, once you’ve found your comfort zone, get out of it. Rap, wasn’t my genre, but I created my own way of doing it, and it came up well, people appreciate it, and people were actually really surprised by this choice.

CMV: During the time we had to collaborate you had a chance to sing a variety of songs and genre’s. I can recall that you were experimenting with the sounds of Indie and pop music as well. Have you decided on what type of music you will be pursuing?  Any chance of making you a country music singer? LOL

Klaudija: I think that I’m an Rnb singer on the base with a little funky groove and naughtiness of hip hop. My music, I like to picture it as a Monet painting; you might get the feeling of having seen it clearly by one side, but if you get closer, you find more details. Each song of mine has to have something more every time.

I want my music to sound fierce, powerful and motivational the key is to create the sound and the lyrics. I ant people to go to the gym with my music on their phones, want them to rise up from the bottom of their lives because of my music, I want them to wake up everyday with a smile and strength because of my music.

I make music not just because I love music itself, but because I love human race.

I might approach to country in the future, but it has to be in my own way. It’s all matter of feelings and personalization. Who knows, I’ve just touched the surface!

CMV: I understand that were once quoted as saying “When I develop a piece of art, sometimes it’s crystal clear, sometimes it’s more intricate and it needs deeper interpretation”. Can you tell our audience what you mean by that? Why do you feel your work requires deeper interpretation? Is it a communication barrier, or do you think on a higher level than most people?

Klaudija: I wouldn’t say I think higher than other people, I’d say I think my own way. Which for each of us, unique.  Personally, I like songs that require a little of interpretation on their lyrics. That means you can interpret it the way it pleases you.

One thing that I see in music nowadays is the absence of poetry. I want to bring it back, and I’d love other singers to bring it back as well.

Putting attention into a song interpretation means you respect the piece of art and the artist. I think that invest some time on the meaning of a song and make it personal it’s a sign of respect towards the artist and the song.

CMV: Back to your quote regarding the art or music that you create, who would you say is your biggest influence? Do you pull from your life experiences when you write your music or is it from something else? Please explain.

Klaudija: Life itself. I’m 17, yet I’ve lived so many things. Life is a roller coaster, it goes up and down you know. Sometimes I tend to romanticize experiences, even though they are painful. This turns anger, sadness, resentment into art. I put always something of myself in my songs, that’s the need of a songwriter. I wouldn’t have become a songwriter if I didn’t t have the urge and the necessity to express my mind. But I always tent to generalize, it’s like poetry, the fact that people can find their personification in a intimate poem means that somehow the poet managed to make it universal. So I do with my music, there’s always my touch in everything I do, whether it’s a song of mine or a collaboration

CMV: This next question goes back to pursuing a music career in L.A. specifically. Do you currently have a label or management group? If so, do you mind letting us know who you have been signed under?

Klaudija: We are working on that, there’s a lot going on right now. We want to do things right from the start, but I’ll keep you updated.

CMV: There is many musicians that have decided to go the way of being an independent, or owning their own label. Have you given consideration to being an Independent? Your thoughts.

Klaudija: Yes, I thought of it. There are ways that a singer can make it on his own. Obviously, perseverance and knowledge are required. And working with the right people, producers, composers that want the best for you, that believe in you. Then you have to make yourself heard everywhere, if music is good, let it be spread. I’m learning do much about the beauty and the bad sides of this business, but I’m not getting over it.

CMV: Well, it sounds like you really are on you way to making it big in L.A. Is there any timeline for your next single? Maybe a EP? Can you provide us with any details? All of your fans here in the U.S. and Europe want to know.

Klaudija: I’m planning to move to L.A. next year, there are lot of requests and opportunities I want to take. The City of Angles had already shown me some love, it’s time for me to get her this love back. I’m working on my Ep actually, some tracks are composed and written by me, some are going to be collaborations with some really talented and professional people that work in the field. I started this year with really important contests here in Italy. So I’m currently busy writing singles and working on my voice. Next single, will be out soon, I think for the month of December. Santa’s coming bringing some music to you all.

CMV: I know you have a very busy schedule as of late. I thank you for taking the time to speak with Country Music Vibe today. I would like to schedule a follow up to this interview sometime down the road. Would that be ok with you?

Klaudija: For sure! It will be my pleasure! Thank you.

CMV:  Excellent. Thank you.

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Edward Schooley
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