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Shannon Hale

"Licensed Therapeutic & Rehabilitative Massage Specialist".

It seems as you get older, the only thing that becomes normal is chronic pain. Every day, there is a pain in the back, pain in the butt, in the legs, in the arms, in the head, the neck and I could go on and on. When will it ever end you ask? Is it possible that I can get some temporary relief at least? Often times, pain can be so severe that getting out of bed is not an option. Staying in bed no longer is an option either. What do I do? Nothing seems to get rid of my pain. I have tried ice, and heat. Long, cold and hot showers. Bathing with Epsom salts and other remedies that I can’t even pronounce. Yes, I am a little over weight, and I have changed my diet dramatically, yet there is this nagging pain and discomfort.

You know, I could go on to explain all the different ways each one of us have attempted to try and alleviate the pains we are experiencing. It can get so bad, that living life is just not enjoyable anymore. Not that you want to end your life, it’s just that you don’t experience the joy that you once did. It doesn’t seem that long ago, when you were outside throwing a baseball, playing hoops with your friends. You enjoy golf, but your back is just not flexible anymore. You can hardly walk, and running is way out of the question. Even your normal daily functions become very difficult to accomplish. Where did I go wrong? What happened that put me in this agonizing chronic pain?

If you think back, you can probably think about a moment in time, that started a chain reaction. From that day on, nothing on or in your body seems to work the same as it once did. Maybe it was a car accident. Even from a small fender bender, the back or neck can be fractured. Do you remember that slip and fall? How about the time when you though skiing was a great idea. Well it was until the tree got in the way. Sports look so easy on t.v. that becoming a weekend warrior was a way to show off that you still had what it takes. Are you athletic and already play for a sports team? Well, there are reports of athletes getting injured all the time. Even when they are small incidents. Though there are the HUGE accidents that tend to end our happiness all together. Regardless of the reason, or incident, any injury can be bad enough to cause dull or aching pain. It is easier to get an Injury than it is to recover from one.

Did you notice, the word “recover” in that last sentence? Yes. Recovery is possible. Regardless of the injury. Some pain, or injury may take longer to heal from, but you can make a recovery. However, you know it’s not going to happen on its own. Plus, you have tried every conceivable therapy and ointment. There may be some temporary remedies, but it always comes back. Sometimes with a vengeance. So what are you supposed to do if you get injured?

Well, now that is one of the easiest questions to provide? No, I am not a therapist or a doctor. However, I know a really great Wellness and Rehab Specialist. Her name is Shannon HALE. She is the owner of MYOasis Therapeutic Massage & Wellness out of Cumming, GA. She recently was an awarded Best Massage of Forsyth County for 2018. She has a great reputation with her clients and has been a friend of mine since, we were teenagers If I can remember?

Shannon: Ha-ha yes! We met when your sister married Tom! And then she was in my mom’s wedding!

CMV: I have to start out by saying congratulations on the award you won recently. Can you tell us a little bit about the award, and how you became the recipient of it?

 Shannon: Thanks! Every year, Forsyth County News and the Chamber of Commerce runs a consumer’s choice award where business are voted on, based on various categories.  I was fortunate enough to be nominated as the best massage practitioner, which is a big deal to me, as I’ve only been in business on my own for just under 2 years!

CMV: What does a wellness and rehab specialist do exactly?

Shannon: Well, massage therapy falls under so many different categories.  There’s your relaxational spa experience, which most people are familiar with: you know, the candles, the soft music, the hot stones… But massage can be so much more than a relaxational luxury treat.  Although I have some clients who come to me for relaxational work, I specialize in rehabilitative massage.  This focuses on helping the body find it’s normal after an injury or surgery.  I work closely with three different physical therapy offices here in Forsyth County, helping their patients recover from surgeries and injuries faster.  I also work with a lot of athletes to help them with minor injuries from sports or the gym.  To give you an example of what I do: I had a client come in as a referral from a physical therapist.  He was an airline pilot, and had slipped on some wet stairs, and in trying to keep from falling, he caught his arm just right where he wasn’t able to lift it over head.  He could barely raise it to 90 degrees in fact.  It took about 4 months, and a lot of the sessions weren’t fun for him, but we finally got him to where he could raise his arm overhead with no pain, and he was able to return to work without surgery.

CMV: There are so many questions I have for you. I almost don’t know where to start. You have heard me talk about the subject of chronic pain. It is something that millions of people in the U.S. alone are suffering from. There doesn’t seem to be a particular age bracket that chronic pain affects or is that inaccurate?

Shannon: Honestly, it used to be that chronic pain was limited to a certain age bracket, but today, with so many people trying to stay active and fit, and the younger demographic involved in so many different sports from such a younger age, pain and injuries are affecting everyone of every age.

CMV: What is the most common injury that you have TREATED?

Shannon: I would have to say it’s a toss-up between low back pain or shoulder pain.  But my favorite injuries to treat would have to be hands down, rotator cuff injuries.

CMV: With the amount of individuals playing sports, you’re never going to stop someone from getting injured. Is there something they can do to help prevent the severity of the injury? Also is there something they can do immediately to minimize the damage, until they can seek out medical advice?

Shannon: Ha yeah, we touched on that just a second ago.  Rest has got to be the best way to prevent injuries.  Being a mom of two teens myself, I know how important it is to try and keep them busy, but to be honest, their bodies are still developing, and 5 to 7 day a week, lengthy practices are making them more prone to injuries.  So making sure they get adequate rest days, and nutrition, is super important.  Making sure they ice, making sure they stretch, and not ignoring what are seemingly minor injuries is helpful, too.   Both of my kids were injured in their sports last year, because they just didn’t take the time to ice and stretch.

CMV: No matter what news program you turn to; they always seem to be talking about the effects of drugs prescribed by doctors. Often, to deal with the pain doctors are quick to prescribe pain killers that lead to more serious problems. Even Opiate addiction and the death from overdosing on opiates are on the rise. What is your opinion about turning to medication to resolve pain versus alternate methods?

Shannon: oooh that’s a heavy topic.  Coming from a medical and an alternative medical background, I would say that pain meds definitely have their place, BUT, I always think alternative methods should be attempted first.  I know medication is seemingly just so much easier: take a pill and be on your way, but the side effects and long term issues that can come from it are really scary.  In our three county area alone, we have kids dying every weekend from heroin overdoses, and some of those kids started because they were prescribed opiates after a wisdom tooth extraction OR a sports injury!

CMV: I know you are very busy person, and I really do appreciate the time that you could spend with us today to answer some questions. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Shannon: Not at this time, but you can follow me on Facebook for informative information regarding issues like this and more

CMV: Are you willing to do a follow up interview with Country Music Vibe?

Shannon:  Heck yeah! Absolutely! This was fun!

CMV: Like you would actually say no to me. J One last thing, if someone would like to schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation, what number should they call? What is the best time to reach you?

Shannon: I can be reached at 404-210-1906, and it’s best to text, as I’m often in session with a cluent.  They can also find out more about me and my background at or Facebook under MYOasis Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Specialist.

CMV: Thank you again for your time, and we look forward to sitting down with you in the future. Maybe, I will even end up as one of your patients.