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" Rescuing animals is a bigger challenge when it's the government you are rescuing from".

If you recall, the article that we wrote on January 28th 2018, regarding making the best of your “15 minutes of fame”. The article raised the question to country music artists: Do you sometimes feel, that all you got was 15 minutes of fame, when you were looking for something that would last a lifetime? (These questions are rhetorical).

It discussed the famous quote from the late Andy Warhol. The quote by the late Andy Warhol, suggested at the time, that “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes”. This quote later became what we know today as “everyone’s 15 minutes of fame”. So, anything that happens on T.V. or in radio, or the internet, people will automatically refer to this once famous quote. Was this quote to be taken literally? Is it accurate?

This article was directed towards country music artists. However, it applies also to those in the entertainment industry. If an actor or actress is no longer in the limelight, people refer to them as “15 and done”. They had their window of opportunity to be famous, and now it’s over for them. This quote was one of the most overrated quotes in the history of man. It was used to define both men and women. As if the talent of an individual was limited to just a small period of time. People don’t lose their talent, they just move on to something else that defines them. Actors, musicians, athletes, politicians, they change their scene. They realize that there is more to life, then the life they are currently experiencing.

I realize that the topic of this article is about “fame”. However, who defines whether a person is famous or not? If the individual was famous years ago, why can’t they experience a lifetime of fame? Is it because Andy Warhol quoted it. Apparently, since the individual(s) are no longer in the public eye of Hollywood, they are no longer have value. This is where the quote becomes overrated. It lacks definition, and it was a quote thrown into the wind and stuck to a bunch of individuals that thought it was trendy.

So, we are to the point of giving an individual a “Shelf life”. Like food, with an expiration date. The value of the human life and what they bring to society should never have a shelf life. Regardless if they are no longer considered famous. I can recall several individuals that made the headlines for one reason or another. Once you hear their name, the so called 15 minutes of fame no longer exists. If you are remembered for something that you accomplished during your life, doesn’t that qualify you as a famous individual? People may remove themselves from the spotlight, but they no relinquish what they were famous for.

There were a couple of sisters back in the late 90’s that were very popular. They could easily be identified by their names the “Barbi Twins”. You couldn’t pick up a magazine or newspaper without hearing something about them. Most of you reading this article, know who I am referring too. Did they outlast the so called “15 minutes of fame”? Without a doubt. The fact that you are reading this article, means that their fame withstood the test of time. These two sisters just decided that they would take on different roles in their life. They wanted something more for themselves. In addition, they wanted to contribute a cause worth investing their time in.

Unfortunately, they were famous for what they accomplished decades ago, then what they are doing now. That is only because they have stayed humble about what their accomplishments are. They no longer have the desire to be in the limelight of Hollywood. Their current roles are spent advocating for animals. They also help animal charities and rescue groups worldwide, volunteer with shelters for walking and rehabilitating dogs, participate in the TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return).

These two have used their time, energy and resources to support the mission they have been pursuing. They have helped lobby animal bills, such as the pet food safety bill.

Wild horses

Something that touches the heart of each one of us at Country Music Vibe is the horse slaughter ban, the ban on de-clawing and the fight against factory farms and animal cruelty. There isn’t anything that these two sisters could be doing, that would be more important than the fight they are undergoing now. The fame that they grew into decades ago, helped in fighting for animals that are being abused.

Most people would only know them for their achievements of the past. “Real” country folk, know them for their stand for horses and other animals. If you could ask them questions about their fight against animal cruelty, would you ask if they would trade their past successes with what they are currently experiencing? We have great news for you. They have given us access to them, that you normally wouldn’t receive. So through our interview with the Barbi Twins, we have asked some questions, pertaining to their current successes and interests.

CMV: We really want to extend our appreciation to you both for taking the time to speak to us today. From our last conversation, you were very busy rescuing wild horses. Which an overwhelming responsibility. Thank you for answering our questions today.

Barbi Twins: Rescuing animals is a bigger challenge when it's the government you are rescuing from. The reason we are anti government, and pro charity, because the government doesn't aid animals, they subsidize their slaughter, finding a reason to embezzle tax money, be it wild horses that live on tax paid land or pound animals, bears, wolves, etc. Most people don't know that it was President Nixon that did all the animal protection bills. He did the wild horse protection bill in 1972, the marine mammal protection act in 1971, the endangered species act, developed the EPA, etc. It is the amendments that were later added by other law makers in congress that we are trying to repeal to get their protections back.

CMV: After we spoke initially, you gave me the perfect introduction. You wanted to move on from your “15 minutes of fame”. Right then, it brought to mind the article I wrote about that very famous quote. Which seems lasted longer than what Andy Warhol intended. With everything that the Barbi Twins were able to achieve, do you truly believe it was just “15 minutes of fame”? If so, why do you feel that way?

Barbi Twins - Country Music Vibe

Shane and Sia

"Our favorite singer is Amy Nelson, daughter of Willie Nelson. She and her talented band partner Cathy Guthrie, (from Arlo Guthrie) formed a group called "Folkuke"

Barbi Twins:  Yes. My sister and I always wanted to do something with animals. We studied to be a veterinarian but decided to get our degree in nutrition. The modeling was nothing we wanted as a career. We started at 7 years old, since the business used "twins". We modeled to be able to care for all our rescued animals. Our 15 minutes of fame, or infamy was by accident, not by design.  Of course we've always wanted to be successful but we knew we had no skills or talent and didn't deserve to be recognized for being famous for nothing.

CMV: After your success in Hollywood, and actually, all around the world. You went on to accomplishing more with your life. Probably more than what you ever could have imagined. I have read several articles regarding what you have been accomplishing with animals that are being treated cruelly. However, it the time that we live, it is hard to know who to believe. Therefore, it is important for me to go directly to the source. So tell Country Music Vibe and all your fans out there, what you have been up to as of late.

Barbi Twins: Well as you know, we continue to work on behalf of mistreated animals. We are pro charity, and it is important that we bring awareness to the issues of animal cruelty.

CMV: It is frustrating to know, that in our society animals are treated inhumanely. Horses are my favorite animal. I know man’s best friend is his dog. However, there is something about a horse, that is the epitome of beauty. Animals often times, seem to be more reliable than humans. There is no excuse for the way they are treated. The Barbi Twins are to be commended for their determination, to make a change in our society. When it is all said and done, your “15 minutes of fame” has last a lifetime. It is only the uneducated, that would feel differently.

Barbi Twins: We are also very private so fame was nothing we sought out. As soon as we had a platform, we tried to fill it with something meaningful. We did our health book, "Eco-Anti Diet Book" and our book about our recovery from bulimia..."Dying to Be Healthy". We also used it to help animals. But we certainly don't like being called "animal activists" or any type of activist.

Activism has come to be such a negative word to describe a militant protest that is virtue signaling and kills the message. I don't mind saying we advocate for animals, by lobbying laws, rescuing shelter pets, etc. We are careful not to follow any type of cult like thinking and try help victims by actually challenging the status quo, not conforming to it. We avoid using animals as pawns to play team politics.   

CMV: In our brief conversation, I learned that you were a country music fan. I thought that was so awesome. One of my challenges is getting people to realize that country music isn’t dead. It is still alive and well. Do you remember in the 80’s country music sounded so much different than it does now? Though if you go back in time, you will find that it has changed in each decade. In the 90’s people believed that country music was going to die because of Shania Twain and Garth Brooks. However, country music fans believe that they are the pioneers of country music. What type of country music are the Barbi Twins fans of?

Barbi Twins: We love music and grew up in a music family, though we can't sing, not even lip sing. We only hum. But country music was something my sister and I enjoyed separately than our family. It just felt like home. We love all country, classic and the new pop country. We even moved to Texas to be able to hear it live.

CMV: I can truly say, that I am fan of all kinds of country music. From Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and even many of the modern country singers. I always like to read comments about from a person that says “that artist isn’t country”. I always am prepared with a response. I feel I have defend country music and artists. When did you start having an appreciation for country music? Was it from youth, or did it take you longer to appreciate this particular genre of music?

Barbi Twins: Our mom said we would rock back and forth in the crib when she played music. It was a big part of our life, motivation, our cup of coffee. Country music was an instant love since we were young. We have no real answer as to why.

Our favorite singer is Amy Nelson, daughter of Willie Nelson. She and her talented band partner Cathy Guthrie, (from Arlo Guthrie) formed a group called "Folkuke" and it is the most soothing music that I personally used to heal from a spine injury. All of the daughters and sons of Willie Nelson are super super talented, including his granddaughter Raelyn Nelson. It really put a perspective on our culture when you have talent like that still hidden while so much crap music is out there or we got famous (for nothing), without having any type of talent unlike the Willie Nelson family tree that is full of gifted artists.

CMV: I know that both of you are very busy. I just wanted to let you know, how much we appreciate being able to ask you some questions. I believe your fan base will also enjoy hearing from you. You are pretty involved with saving animals. Is there any other type of project that you are currently working on? Have you ever considered singing professionally? If so, you know Country Music Vibe is here to promote you.

Barbi Twins: Thank you! Singing, no. We are not delusional nor seek that type of fame.

CMV: One last question. Do you think we can schedule another interview for a day when you are not so busy? Hopefully by then we will have web radio available, for a live broadcast.

Barbi Twins: Sure!

CMV: Thank you very much for your time.

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