Interview with Java & Jams Sports Show - The realities of fantasy league sports. The positive and negative impact on your life.

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"Fantasy sports is a way of life to many people, not just a game".

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Football, has always been a year around sport. There is always something going on. Whether it’s minicamp, preseason, regular season, the playoffs, the Big Game, free agency and the draft, there is always something happening in the world of professional football.

In between these huge events, there are other things taking place. Such as trade rumors, the college scouting combine, the owners’ meetings and reports of “off the field activities”. Whether they are positive or negative actions from the player, there is always going to be something to report on.

Even if you’re not interest in the off- season programs, there is always a build-up to the Fantasy Football season.  Preparing to play for a fantasy league, can take months of research and data comparison. If you take fantasy football seriously, then you’re not going to just show up to the draft and start picking players at random. Nor will you succumb to auto drafting. Fantasy sports have become so popular over the years, that individuals will pay entry fee’s just to get a chance to win. Enormous amounts of money are gambled for a change to become a winner.

Those I have included in my league will play fantasy football just for the love of the game. I haven’t participated in any leagues where money is collected, paid, or won. Fantasy football can be really fun and exciting without wagering money on the outcome. I believe this is my 7th year playing fantasy football and I look forward to playing each year. I am proud to say, that I have come in first place on a number of occasions. The feeling of winning in the Championship round is short lived. If you are like me, you probably have said to yourself that you are never going to play again. Then next season comes around, and you start planning for another opportunity to win at Fantasy football.

What is all the hype about? Why is fantasy sports so addictive? Is there, any real winners in fantasy sports? What can a player do, if they find themselves unsuccessful at fantasy sports? These are just some of the questions that we have for fantasy league players. We have our own opinions about the sport in general and the amount of time spent on fantasy leagues. However, we wanted to interview someone with experience, and knowledge of the game. So who else would we go to, then our friends at Java and James Sports Show.

They have been kind enough to take time out of their busy schedule to answer some questions from Country Music Vibe. Let’s listen in on what they had to say regarding our questions.

CMV: I want to start by thanking you for taking the time to answer a couple of questions about a topic that you are well acquainted with. However, before we get into the details of our topic today, can you explain to our audience what you do at the Java and Jams Sports Show?

Java & Jams: Thank you for this opportunity and I would like to start off by saying it’s an honor to have a podcast to talk about things I love in this life. First I needed to incorporate my love of coffee into the show. I was introduced to expresso at an early age with both my grandparents giving me shots of expresso. I grew a passion for the taste and smell, so in my show I look for ways to talk about different types of coffee and the places we can frequently go to buy it. Secondly my passion for sports ever since I was 5 years old I would sit in front of my tv before and after school to watch ESPN. I love to talk sports and all the stats of all the players in each sport from NBA, NHL to the love of my favorite the NFL. AND Lastly my Music I love the RAT PACK and that type of songs also I was born in the 80's so I love that type of music and I put that in my show as well. Overall we play different theme music according to our guest favorites and run the show around there type of music. In all we talk about Sports, coffee, and play music on my Podcast! 

CMV: Now, let us get into the meat of our subject. Which is Fantasy Football. It is no surprise that fantasy football will be on the minds of many people in a couple of months. Maybe I am one of the exceptions. Because I start thinking about it even after the Fantasy League is over with. I think about the players, I should have drafted. Then the players, I will draft the following season. There is a caveat to that. Which is, “if I decide to play” the following season. Which I normally do.

What factors go into your decision to play Fantasy Football each year?

Java & Jams: I truly love Fantasy Football! In the last 5 years playing I've been Champion one year and it was the best time, What I enjoy about it is it makes you watch all the teams play and you become an overall fan of the NFL, you watch a lot of the players you draft and watch them perform to the best they can to compete against your competition. 

 CMV: Each year, there is always a debate on whether or not fees should be requested in order to join a Fantasy Football league. Some teams offer a payout. Others will offer, a gift card or trophy. At what point, is it considered gambling?

According to the dictionary to “gamble” is defined as take risky action in the hope of a desired result. Please keep in mind, that not all of our viewers have a sensitivity regarding gambling or betting on a Fantasy League.

Java & Jams: I play mostly for fun, we have a group that gets

 a t- shirt as the champion. We also all chimp in to buy a draft board and players stickers. Overall everyone contributes to have a fun time and we all brag about winning. As far as gambling we know it brings on greed and makes it an opportunity to cause anger and affect a person's relationship with others at times so staying away from money to win is a protection and a fun way to play instead of looking at it as a business side of things.

CMV: Thank you for your perspective. I had the opportunity to play in the same league with you over the years, and can confirm there are no fee’s or gambling in any way. It is an example where, you can truly have fun playing fantasy football without having to wager anything or pay entry fees. Sometimes, it’s bragging rights. What do you get out of it, if you do not have anything at stake? Because I know you can be pretty competitive during the Fantasy Football season.

Java & Jams: I love getting together to do a live draft instead of online we get together share food and spend quality time while talking about the upcoming year. It a wholesome experience.

CMV: Now, that we addressed the serious side of fantasy sports. I want to get some advice on how to draft for next season. I know we will end up playing in the same league, so you don’t have to give up your strategy for this season. However, I am looking for some basic things to look for in the draft. Especially for our readers that might be beginners or find it difficult to win. Is there something you can share regarding improving your fantasy football chances?

Java & Jams: Depending on your scoring system, but it’s a passing league so recommend to draft as much WR, & QB's as you can to gain the most points also if a team has a great RB don’t draft there Qb just because he will most likely hand the ball over and not pass it as much as you would like. Grab a great defense like Minnesota this year or even the Bucs that look like a great D-line up and coming kinda the Giants when the won 2 Superbowls.

CMV: I have a couple of strategies that have worked favorably for me over the years. I don’t worry about winning the Championship. However, I do want to give all I have for any given week. I believe the worst thing you can do, to get yourself kicked out of a Fantasy Football league is not to participate, just because you are not doing as good as you thought.

If your draft was weak, then look to the waiver wire. Team owners are always dropping players, for one reason or another. If you are being diligent about your team, then you’re chances of picking up a great player off waivers is increased. What are some of the things that teams do to increase your level of frustration during a Fantasy Football season?

Java & Jams: Picking up a player I wanted in the waivers is frustrating. I tend to talk to other teams and act like  GM to try a make trades with the league and that helps but when they deny a good trade as well its frustrating to me too!

CMV: I agree with you. Those are some of things that are frustrating to me as well. We often have a chance to talk during Fantasy Football season. I know some of the factors that increase your frustration level. I can always recall, you saying that it’s a game. “I believe” if I were playing for something tangible, the game wouldn’t be as fun. It would probably only add to my stress level.

CMV: On behalf of Country Music Vibe we want to thank you for taking the time to answer some question related to the Fantasy Football topic. We also wanted to let everyone know, how often they can tune into your show.

It is worth noting that we will be broadcasting the Java & Jams show from our website during the month of June and July. Currently we have scheduled the show to play at 2:15 P.M. each day Monday through Friday. We would like to increase the different topics that you cover as they become available.

Can you tell our audience, the date/time and topic of your next show?

Java & Jams: Yes we are doing our podcast once every 2 months our next one will be in July and with our special guest Edward Schooley with Country music theme we will talk Bucs footbal, MLB baseball, and coffee along with all of ED'S music he brings to the table look for it in JULY!

CMV: Excellent, we look forward to your next show. Is it possible to interview Java & Jams in the future?

Java & Jams: Yes of course I also have my producer and cohost Chismo. We always are down for future interviews. Thanks for this opportunity.