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The Barbi Twins - Making the best of 15 minutes of fame?

There were a couple of sisters back in the late 90’s that were very popular. They could easily be identified by their names the “Barbi Twins”. Find out how this article applies to them, and how they responded to the questions raised by Country Music Vibe.

This article was directed towards country music artists. However, it applies also to those in the entertainment industry. If an actor or actress is no longer in the limelight, people refer to them as “15 and done”. They had their window of opportunity to be famous, and now it’s over for them. This quote was one of the most overrated quotes in the history of man. It was used to define both men and women. As if the talent of an individual was limited to just a small period of time. People don’t lose their talent, they just move on to something else that defines them. Actors, musicians, athletes, politicians, they change their scene. They realize that there is more to life, then the life they are currently experiencing.

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