I’m a composer a and songwriter, still I like to arrange new version of music masterpieces such as “I am Changing” in the Version of Jennifer Hudson or “All By Myself” by Celine Dion.
I’ve been a model for few Italian brands such as “Opera” and “Morewhite” and hair products.
I’m currently working on my first album which is going to be an exciting project, mainly produced in the US.

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Country Music Vibe

I’m Klaudija Ever and I was born on the 5thof June 2000 in Lithuania.
I’ve spent most of my life in Italy, where I was able to be directly connected with any form of art.
I composed and produced my first single in Italian  in 2016, “Mi amerai ( You will love me) which was heard on many web radios in Italy and US. With this song I won several competition and I was awarded with “Best Italian Song”.
My second Italian single was released on 2017 and it’s called “Appunti di vita (Life Notes).
I worked on several Shakespearian plays such as “Othello” and “ As you like it” as main female character an on a rearrangement of Latin play “Anfitrione”.
I also played for an upcoming short film “Starved” that takes place in Los Angeles. I’ll be the songwriter and composer for “Blade and Blood” in the role of the Muse.