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With his first solo EP out in 2013 “Lost Every Night Alone”, the folk-­‐rock singer songwriter MANUEL BELLONE, influenced by artists such as Ryan Adams Neil Young and Gram Parsons, by Alfons Maria Mucha’s paintings and Sicily’s countryside fragrance, the american traditional music and the acoustic music of the early 70s Stones and Zeppelin, starts his path that will lead to the “Light From The Grave” LP, out in 2015, that will bring him to play more than 100 gigs in the clubs and theaters all around Europe, making him one of the hardest working italian musicians abroad.

At the of 2016 it’s the turn of “You Need A Plan B To Stay Alive”, a live EP that celebrates one year and a half of touring and anticipates the return of Manuel Bellone into the recording studio for his forthcoming LP "Split Pot". "Split Pot" is the treasure chest containing what and where we have been during the last ten years, the people we've met, everything we've done, so whatever inspired our songs."

 That's how Manuel Bellone and band talk about their album. Just like the Stones' "Exile On Main Street", the songs where recorded during what we can consider a musical retreat in the middle of Sicilian country side, totally DIY.

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Singer-­‐songwriter Manuel Bellone has his roots in the tradition of folk and American country music, fused with a strong spirit of rock 'n' roll. "I'm a folk-­‐rock songwriter from Palermo, Sicily. Last year, me and my band played all over Europe, showcasing songs from my last two albums, "Light From The Grave" and "Split Pot". I write and perform my own songs and am influenced by many artists, especially Ryan Adams, Gram Parsons and Neil Young. Classic, but unique: that's what I like, and it's also how I'd like to be seen." Audiences (and music critics) loved the gigs -­‐ as did the band -­‐ so now Manuel is looking forward to heading out on tour again, with the hope of making the experience even better. Manuel has played in a number of significant festivals including Live At Heart in Orebro (SWE), the Jazz & Blues Festival in Motala (SWE), and the Folkest Festival (IT).



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