We are more than a resource to house your profile. Here is a perspective that you should consider.

I know it is difficult for them to see us as more than a website. We are so much more than that. However, we try not to intermingle our services with what is provided by the companies they are already paying.

We can connect artists with venue's to perform at. We already have tools that help us best target the areas that are not being saturated with independent artists.

As you know, boosting their brand is critical to their success. Country Music Vibe is at the very beginning stages "our" mission. It is interesting, how some people believe that "reach" is the only thing that matters. There is a difference between audience reach, and targeted audience. You can target 20,000 or more people who have no interest in country music at all. However, you have 2,000 or more people that are a targeted audience with a heavy interest in country music. We both know, that audience reach doesn't look appealing.

Included in my sales and marketing experience, I have been a social media consultant for 7 years now. The most important aspect of consumer interaction is conversion. From the time you introduce your brand or "artist" to a targeted audience, what is the amount of time, and steps that lead to a conversion. The conversion in this case, can be purchasing music, merchandise, concert tickets, etc.

My entire plan is to incorporate the necessary tools that lead to that conversion. Can you imagine me explaining this to every artist that comes to my site? or emails me? They would say huh????? Can you repeat that?

Part of this conversion process is committing the artists to be involved. If they are not, then there is a broken link in the process. Therefore, we have been weeding out those, that have not been doing their part. They have become a source of frustration, and the broken link.

We have tried to convey it in other ways, but they are not getting it. They rely upon their agent or family member to explain how it works. They are totally oblivious to how marketing should be done, how social media works. They are unaware of SEO and SEM. Not to mention all the other tools that boost your content. Which hits on something else that is important. Audience engagement. Which is more than just a post on their social media site. It’s thought provoking questions, and hanging statements.

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