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Music Aficionado taming the beast

Let’s open up by defining each title. The word Journalist is used to describe someone a person who writes for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or prepares news to be broadcast. They often keep a journal to keep track of specific activities that they encounter. There have been some very popular journalists in my day. Those that are alive and still reporting on the news, and then some that have passed away with historic subjects, topics and events. There are also some journalists trained to embellish, falsify, and dramatize news to increase ratings.

The title Music Aficionado is somewhat different. A Music Aficionado is a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime, specifically music. Now both types of individuals may be enthusiastic about their jobs, however one can be relied on for the truth and accuracy of their opinion, reporting, or review. Would you like to take a guess at which one that may be? It is my perspective, that the Music Aficionado is more inclined to give you accurate information. Since his information is not based upon ratings or trends. He/she is not consumed with thoughts of analytics and targeted audiences. The Music Aficionado does provides perspective based upon their knowledge of a certain subject. Specifically music. They can sometimes refer to other articles or books for information, just to verify accuracy of a point that needs to be made.

Thus far, is my definition of both titles subjective? Well it all depends. There is more false news reported on a daily basis by a journalist then there is by a Music Aficionado. As he/she is concerned more about the facts. They are more inclined to tell you about the history of a subject, and how it applies to current events. For instance, like the life of an artist. Where they got their beginnings, how were they influenced, and what are their goals for the future.

Music Aficionado’s care about the details of the life of an individual. Such as the profound effect on different genres of music. With the reviews and insights into music, can often influence someone to listen too, or to avoid the music all together. Is the information based upon perspective? Yes. However, your tend to trust and rely upon their point of view because of their knowledge. Their enthusiasm for music is often conveyed through their reviews or articles. Also, often times, they will write with no anticipation of an individual reading what they are putting down on paper or their software application. There may not be a pay day, or even appreciation extended to them for what they do. However, they do it for the LOVE of music.

You can allow yourself to be dazzled by all kind of words to describe yourself or music. The Music Aficionado will write with subjectivity in mind, knowing that what he/she adds to it can be based upon personal feelings. However, they will not embellish or distort truth to increase ratings or reviews. That is my take on it.

Chief In Editor for Country Music Vibe
Edward Schooley

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