Steel Ivory - A Facebook Takeover, what a bright idea!

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Steel Ivory

"Lacked nothing in their Facebook Live Takeover".

The light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879. It was an amazing invention that has revolutionized the way we live our lives. Since than the methods of providing artificial light has only improved. Today, we have Incandescent and LEDs bulbs that accomplish the very thing that Thomas Edison did back in 1879. However, the efficiency and effectiveness of the lightbulb has only improved with time.

I wish I could take credit for the Facebook Takeover. It has improved the way we engage with fan pages on social media today. While we can’t take credit for the Facebook Takeover, we certainly will improve how it is being used. Like the light bulb, our focus is changing the way it is used. Providing efficiency and effectiveness. We believe we have started the process with the band Steel Ivory. Our first Facebook Live Takeover was Wednesday at 8:30 P.M. EDT. It didn’t disappoint. Steel Ivory was exactly what we thought they were. They are two sisters that have a gift for singing country music. Here is my review of their performance last night.


Both sisters were very personable with the viewers. They asked questions, and encouraged responses. “I liked that they asked for special requests”. This is a major plus with me. It showed that they truly were interested in their fans being there. Even though, the Facebook Takeover was for Steel Ivory, they played for the viewers. They didn’t have the attitude that they been there, and done that. They were true to character, and it showed. It was fun, because it was more than a performance.


The fact that they were on time is a major factor. There is nothing worse, than having to wait for a band to start playing. This applies to concert halls, venues, clubs, etc. The fact that we didn’t have to wait for them to start, made their Facebook Live Takeover more enjoyable.

Music Intro:

The intro of each song usually began with an acoustic riff. Original, not duplicated.

Vocal Melody:

Their vocals were consistent with each song. They didn’t sing out of their comfort range. Because both of them sang songs, they didn’t have any pitch issues. Each of the songs were rich in tone. At no time did I feel embarrassed for them. Because they were the great example of singing within their range, and they complimented each other well.


There was a point where one of the artists, forgot the lyrics to the song. However, I only know that because she mentioned it. Otherwise I never would have known. Which goes to show you, she didn’t let it impact her. She didn’t show signs of nervousness or fear. She continued with the song, and played through it like a champ. I would say that their lyrics “flowed like water in a valley stream, smoothly and peacefully between the elements”.

Nothing in their lyrics were predictable or pretentious. Each of the songs had meaning to them. They explained how the song developed and where they got their inspiration. The song entitled never been kissed, was developed carefully, and with forethought.


Steel Ivory is a band of talented artists. If this was the first time you have experienced their music, it won’t be your last. It was easy to remember the quality of their music and their brilliant smiles. They look exactly like you see on their album covers and in photo’s. They were pleasantly dressed for the occasion, and didn’t take their performance for granted. I believe that this Facebook Takeover will challenge other artists to increase their quality of live performances. Country Music Vibe is not no Thomas Edison, though we are on our way to changing how Facebook Live Takeovers viewed. No longer is it just a matter of convenience to play before fans online. It is a moment in time, when you will have to bring you’re “A” game. You never know who will be watching, and how you will be judged. It may have an impact in the success of your country music career.

Editor of Country Music Vibe