Jada Vance - She conquered Country Music Vibe in her Live Facebook Takeover.

Jada Vance - Country Music Vibe

Jada Vance

"Left her audience speechless in a recent Facebook Live Takeover".

I was thinking of ways to approach this review of her takeover. It is very difficult to review a performance from someone that is amazing to say the least. I immediately, sent out a thank you email last night after the live performance. I am not a groupie, and I never get star struck. I believe “people are people”. Everyone is equal regardless of race, color, nationality or professional career.

I have had the opportunity to talk with or interview some of the most talented independent artists in the country music industry. Each of them have their own unique sound and quality. As far as their character, I could say that there are similarities. Some have their own interests at heart, and some are as humble as apple pie. Honestly, some of them would give you the shirt off their back. This is not a personality trait, that all artists have. It would be impossible to ask that from everyone. Remember, “people are people”. It is just who you are, and sometimes you won’t be able to change someone.  That is when you lower your expectations.

 Lowering expectations when it comes to Jada Vance, is not an option. Matter of fact, she has raised our expectations of her. The bar has been officially raised and It was all her doing. That is what happens when you are given the opportunity to do a Facebook Live Takeover. Before we close out her session, let’s review a couple of things that we noticed from her Facebook takeover last night.

Let’s start with the following:   


Jada Vance is very humble. She appreciates where she is in this point of her career, and it shows. We learned that she has had some tragedy in her life, with the loss of her father. Jada Vance has even written a song dedicated to her father. She performed it in the Facebook Live Takeover. It was heartfelt, and made an impact on all those listening. Each time I listen to her, I learn something new. I find out she has more to offer her audiences than what we realize. You never would have known it from watching a video produced in a studio. In a world, full of unrest and turmoil, she brings joy and happiness to any audience. Regardless of your disposition, she is sure enough to change it. Even for just a moment in time.


“How should I dress for the Facebook Live Takeover”? This is a question that has come up quite frequently. My response is, “dress in a way that makes you comfortable”. I know what it’s like to speak before hundreds of people. It can be an overwhelming. A level of comfort can you’re your feeling of nervousness. Once the butterflies start swarming in your stomach it can make or break your performance. It is ok to have butterflies, but make sure you keep those butterflies in “formation”. Two things that I noticed in her presentation last night. She dressed with comfort in mind. However, she didn’t dress down like she was going to the beach. I believe she wanted to represent the Jada Vance brand in a fine manner. At the same time, she wanted to stay true to her comfort level. Jada showed off her stylish taste that was creative and edgie. You could also tell that she was quick to get those butterflies in “formation”. It was apparent, that she was in full control of any nervousness she may have encountered.

Voice Quality:

You may be wondering why I didn’t start off reviewing her voice quality first. Most people believe it is the single thing, that will make or break an artist. Well, your wrong. It is important to have strong vocals to be an artist. However, there are other factors that come into play. We have reviewed just a couple of them.

Do you know easy it is for both women and men to be distracted? What you wear can distract or detract from a brilliant singing performance. I don’t think anyone had issues with noticing how strong her voice was last night. There were two songs I wanted to hear “Hick and Roll” and “There’s always me”. Then there was a NEW song that she will be releasing soon. I forgot the name, but it had something to do with whiskey. I guess I kind of got distracted when she said whiskey. J Though, I did hear the song, and it happens to be a top 10 hit.

Specifically, I didn’t hear anything in her songs that sounded “pitchy”. She was in tune the entire time she was singing her songs. A sign of professional, is that she was able to remain strong in her vocals the entire time. Avoiding any flat or sharpness in her voice. If you heard something I didn’t feel free to let me know. However, I had an acquaintance email me and he said the following:

“It will be hard to hear a better “takeover” than what Miss Vance did tonight”.
— Lincoln Plowman - Circle City Records

I would have to agree. It is not going to be easy. However, there are some very talented artists on Country Music Vibe. Jada Vance is not an artist that takes her singing for granted. Her voice quality and performance is a reflection of that.


I have a different level of respect for Jada Vance. She proved that there is so much more to her singing, than what some gave her credit for. While I believe that she is entitled to a professional country music career, she may not believe it. That is her humility coming through. Everything that she has gotten, has been earned by her hard work and dedication. Based upon our assessment, there is no stopping her drive and focus. Even when she accepts her first award at the CMA’s it will not change the person that she is. 

Editor - In - Chief
Edward Schooley
Country Music Vib