Allie Sealey - Facebook Live Takeover - What we liked about you.

That moment when you think you know a person. But then you realize, you were completely wrong about them.

Allie Sealey - Country Music Vibe

Allie Sealey

"Hearing with my ears, I could identify that there was more to this talent that what I realized".

I believe I am humble enough to admit when I wrong. At first, I knew she was talented. I ask myself, did I just include her on my platform because she was another pretty face, with a voice that had potential? I had some doubts at first. Was she going to be a temporary solution, and then replaced by someone who do more than just take up space on our website? I know that sounds harsh. But you don’t know the experiences that I have been through since the launch of my website. Artists come and go. They have the greatest intentions of being a country music artist, but then end up fading away into the sunset.

Our sights started to become clearer, when we heard the song “Be who you wanna be”. From there we were quick to jump on the Allie Sealey train. Since then, we decided she was going to be worth riding with her on the journey that she is on. When we decided to do the Facebook Live Takeover’s we had Allie Sealey in mind. Honestly, this is the first time we have watched her play live. She always puts on live shows for her fan pages. Though we wanted to make this opportunity special for our entire team. No one was disappointed with her performance.

Allie Sealey is not a “waste of space” regarding her musical talent. After listening to her live, we decided to move her to the home page of our website. We have the analytics that prove that the home page gets more viewers than any other page. Now that doesn’t mean that the other pages do not get a large portion of viewers. Matter of fact, our website does really well. Our analytics are always increasing. It is due to the talented artists like Allie Sealey that help improve the ratings on Country Music Vibe.

Facebook Live Takeover featuring Allie Sealey – in review.

There is so much to say regarding the performance by Allie Sealey on Wednesday night. First of all, it was during the hockey playoffs. So anyone, that decides to go up against millions of people watching the playoffs, is very brave. It didn’t matter to her. Yes, the live viewers would be lower than usual, that wasn’t a concern to her. Allie Sealey wanted to perform at her best before those that were in attendance for the live takeover. We talked about it previous to the performance. The amount of viewers in the upper right hand corner isn’t accurate. It doesn’t reflect the amount of viewers that her performance would end up reaching. Needless to say, she had over 2,000 individuals that viewed the performance and “still counting”.


I am going to stick to bullet points, versus reviewing her character, voice quality, and performance. The reason why is that I was impressed with everything. There were some negative comments, but they were outside of her control. Such as interruptions with the broadcast and some comments made my viewers.

The interruptions were due to the social media platform we were on. That will happen from time to time. Even when you’re not using it for live performances. The issue with viewers making comments that had nothing to do with her voice or performance. I had to warn them, that they would be banned from our fan page, permanently if it continued. There is no excuse for making comments that would make our guest(s) uncomfortable and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Moving on with the Allie Sealey review. Did you notice that she played for 1 hr and 30 minutes? Usually artists will appear live for about 30 minutes. Which is ok. Because that is what we request. At no time during the performance was I ever let down by her singing. She even played cover songs from one of my favorite bands. She played Lynyrd Skynyrd. I thought, “Free Bird”, that is not my first time hearing it covered by a country artist. However, she surprised me by taking requests. I asked her to play “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Who knew, that she was a big Lynyrd Skynyrd fan? She performed the song like she had practiced it right before going live.

Ok, so I removed my eyes from the screen and just opened my ears. I preach “listening with the ears, instead of the eyes”. Sometimes you can be distracted by a performance if your eyes are fixed, on the performance alone.

As I listened, it was easy to detect how talented Allie Sealey is.

Her vocals were consistent, and never pitchy.  She remained emotionally charged in each song that she sang. Her facial gestures were perfect. If you do not gesture, while singing, than you’re taking a chance with losing the attention of your audience. Since she was playing the guitar, her only other way to gesture was by means of “emphatic” gestures. Which is accomplished by the expressions used in the face. From my perspective, this is something that comes naturally to her.

If I could critique anything, it would be her grooming. While the dress was nice, and appropriate for a hot sunny day. It caused an interruption of her performance, since she had to adjust how she was sitting. However, she gets an A+ for her efforts to be modest.

In conclusion, Allie Sealey was outstanding. After an 1hr and 30 minutes, I still wanted to hear more. That is a sign of a performance that went very well. She had the right music, and the words were impeccable. I encourage you to download her music from iTunes. I did. I have been listening, with no disappointment. Now my interest has peaked to hear what is next….for her professional career as a country music artist. I look forward to hearing her play live again. Hopefully it will be on the Country Music Vibe platform.