Mud Digger Volume 9 - Review of a album that is soon to be released. Read what Country Music Vibe had to say regarding this talented group of artists.

Mud Digger 9 set to release June 15, 2018

Mud Digger 9 set to release June 15, 2018

Nashville, TN (June 4, 2018)…“Mud Digger 9,” the newest edition of Average Joes Entertainment’s fan-favorite compilation series, releases June 15, 2018.  Click here to pre-order the 12-track album and get two tracks instantly  from Lenny Cooper and Danny Boone f/Cap Bailey. Limited edition pre-order bundles include exclusive  t-shirt designs and colors for Mud Digger brand enthusiasts, and are available via the Average Joes Superstore here. Colt Ford introduces "Mud Digger 9" with his hot, new song, "Up With You f/Taylor Ray Holbrook," premiering on Taste of Country. Click here to listen.

The latest installment in the Mud Digger series once again delivers pure, unadulterated fun in the form of high-energy party anthems with some major bump thrown in – the perfect recipe for backwoods fun and summertime hijinx.

The sizzling collection includes Adam Wakefield (one of Rolling Stone Country’s “Artists to Watch”) with the tongue-in-cheek, “Ducks f/Colt Ford,” The LACS’ rebel anthem, “Keep it Redneck (Remix) f/Cypress Spring;” Moonshine Bandits’ rockin’ blue-collar party theme, “We Party, f/Big B;” and rising country singer, Devin Burris, on the edgy “Sounds Like Whiskey,” and more.

Average Joes' Mud Digger brand of music has become the mainstay for the ever-growing mud lifestyle. Each new “Mud Digger” album has a proven track record of consistently landing in the Top 10 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. To date, the compilation series has sold over 500,000 copies and remains a top seller for the label.

"Mud Digger 9” Track List:

1 - Up With You - Colt Ford f/Taylor Ray Holbrook
2 - Keep It Redneck (Remix) - The LACS f/Cypress Spring
3 - We Party - Moonshine Bandits f/Big B
4 - Helluva Night - Sarah Ross
5 - In The Boonies - Danny Boone f/Cap Bailey
6 - Still The King - Lenny Cooper
7 - Sounds Like Whiskey - Devin Burris
8 - Finally Free - Charlie Farley
9 - Ducks - Adam Wakefield f/Colt Ford
10 - Stomp Them Boots - Young Gunner f/Twang & Round
11 - We On  - DJ Cannon Banyon f/Tommy Chayne
12 - Are You Ready? - Amber DeLaCruz


Mud Digger Vol 9 – A great combination of lyrical vibe.

My taste in music has the ingredients of every genre of imaginable. Tuning my ear to absorb and appreciate each genre from an early age has brought me to this point today. The review of Mud Digger Vol 9 was huge for me. It is not going to please the traditional country fans. However, it has the ability to bring together two types of fans. Lovers of Country and Rap music will wear out this album. Each song, is performed by the best country/rap singers in the industry. Each song has a distinct sound, with its own unique lyrics.

Country Music Vibe has always preached to listen to the lyrics first. The lyrics make up the song, and tells a story. When you connect with the lyrics, everything else follows with ease. If you are stuck on the country music singers of old, then you will find it difficult to understand country/rap music. Both elements or genre’s work together like they were meant to be. Keep in mind, not all artists of country/rap are made the same. So, if you are still on the fence regarding this type of music, give the Mud Digger Vol 9 a chance. You have the best artists in the industry creating a sound that will take you back to the awesome days of your youth. The songs are about summer living and the country way of life.

I am a harsh critic of all genres of music. I can detect a country/rap scam in a heartbeat. These artists are not trying to make a buck of this modern melody of music. They are living the lyrics, and singing it with passion. Only the artists featured on this album can sing these songs with such a dynamic, that only Mud Digger Vol 9 could contain. Don’t miss out on your chance to download or purchase this album as it is released on June 15th. 

-       Country Music Vibe