Why is Country Music Vibe different that all other websites promoting independent artists?

What exactly is it that you do?


"What exactly is it that you do"?

This is a question that I have been asking myself ever since I came up with the idea for a membership. I got some really surprising feedback. I won’t identify the name of the person or organization that provided the “feedback”.

We are not going to pay for an artist just to be on a website.

In our 20 years we have never paid for an artist to receive press.

An artist should not have to pay to play.

What is it that you guys really do?

These were just some of the surprising comments that we received. Needless to say, it got us thinking about the way we are promoting ourselves. Country Music Vibe is so keen on getting each qualified artist the most “press” as possible. The tools or services that we offer were created or built around the artist. It can be difficult for a person who is not Sales or Marketing oriented to understand what we do. Especially when you look at the content of our website. If is easy to put us into a category with others, that do not offer the “entire package”.

We can be labeled as the following:

·      A website with independent artist’s pictures and profiles. Like a social media profile.

·      CMV is just a podcast.

·      Country Music Vibe is a platform for streaming music.

·      We are a blog.

·      An online magazine.

·      A video channel with functionality to vote on your favorite artist.

·      A social media source for channeling live performances.

Using your perceptive powers, you were able to come to a conclusion that this is all we were. Thus, some felt, that it wasn’t necessary to subscribe to Country Music Vibe any longer. There were those that lashed out against us, because we wanted to create a membership policy where artists would pay a minimum fee. They encouraged their fan base to no longer follow us on social media. We were lumped in with others that require artists to pay to play. We received some very hateful emails and social media posts. It took me a while to understand why the backlash. Why were individuals so upset at Country Music Vibe for wanting to offset some of our operational costs with a donation arrangement, raffle, or membership fee?

I felt that an industry that I grew up loving, had turned its back on me. The traditional values of country music, were just lies. It took some time, for me to step back and analyze the situation for what it really was. In reality, it was more than just a misunderstanding of what Country Music Vibe does. I personally know, that there are some outside influences speaking on the behalf of the artist they represent.

Can I relate to the feedback that I received? Now, that I can take the frustration out of my own perspective, I can relate. Why not, there isn’t anything on our website that specifically goes into detail on what all the tools and services represent. If you are casually observing our website, you may come to your own conclusion. This is fine. It is our fault. We didn’t provide our company mission statement anywhere on our website. There isn’t a place that indicates a professional title that people can identify with. Example’s such as: Publicist, Manager, Label, Agency, Promoter, Booking Agent, Engineer. Somewhere inside this list you will find the job of Social Media Consultant. I could list more titles of individuals that have a direct or indirect impact on a musician’s career development.

With such important titles, you would think that they would have a full grasp on what sites they are sending their clients for exposure. As previously mentioned, I can relate to the feedback I received. However, it doesn’t mean I agree with it. Giving the approval for your artist to be on a website, without having full knowledge of what the information is used for, where it is syndicated too, or what does the website really do. These are just some questions, that I would have before agreeing to give permission to anyone or any company. Especially when my job and reputation are at stake. More importantly, is the reputation of your client.

So, there is no justification for asking (after the fact) what does your brand do for our client? Really? Why in the world would an organization, send their client to a website, without knowing the benefits of doing so? Without references? Without a basic understanding of what that brand does? There is no excuse for it. However, this was a repetitive question from individuals who were hired to represent their client’s career as a musician. My friends, these are people that are getting paid money. Yet, they are turning down a membership fee to be online with Country Music Vibe.

After explaining our credentials, the reply was still the same. Regardless of the fact, that we have more experience, skills, tools, resources, and connections than they do. The only thing we are not willing to do, is to hang out at parties and follow the artists to their performances. We do not want to be publicists or managers. We are a different platform for independent artists. We believe that are targeted reach and audience reach will be much larger than anyone else. I will get into the detail regarding the subject matter of this article in future topics.

Such as:

Our Mission Statement
Our Purpose
Our Experience and Skillse
CMV Functionality
Services Provided

Other topics will include the following:

The Country Music Vibe Brand
Operational Costs
Artist Participation
Advertisers and Partner Affiliation

These are just a few topics we will get into in future articles. However, it is very important for Country Music Vibe to be totally transparent. We do not want any individual regardless of title, to leave our website no knowing what our functionality is.

Regardless of the miscommunications that we have had, it is our aim to avoid this going forward. The artists on Country Music Vibe come first. We are not a groupie website, we our promoters of independent artists with talent. Thank you for your continued support.

If there are any questions regarding this article, please do not hesitate to email us at info@countrymusicvibe.com

Thank you,