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Jada Vance - She conquered Country Music Vibe in her Live Facebook Takeover.

Remembering the Jada Vance Takeover of Country Music Vibe. There was another stunning performance.

Jada Vance is very humble. She appreciates where she is in this point of her career, and it shows. We learned that she has had some tragedy in her life, with the loss of her father. Jada Vance has even written a song dedicated to her father. She performed it in the Facebook Live Takeover. It was heartfelt, and made an impact on all those listening. Each time I listen to her, I learn something new. I find out she has more to offer her audiences than what we realize. You never would have known it from watching a video produced in a studio. In a world, full of unrest and turmoil, she brings joy and happiness to any audience. Regardless of your disposition, she is sure enough to change it. Even for just a moment in time.

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