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Country Music Vibe asks: Do you enjoy being taken advantage of?

“There are no victims, just volunteers”. Really, when was the last time you volunteered to be a victim?

This individual that took on shady practices, justified themselves with that mindless statement. I tend to cringe, when saying it. “There are no victims, just volunteers”. Really? Do people just open themselves up to having their hearts, money, and life stolen from them? I don’t think so. Are some people gullible to a degree? Yes. However, it doesn’t mean that they are volunteering themselves to be a victim. Let me make this clear to you. When someone volunteers to participate, they do so with a feeling of accomplishment.

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Mud Digger Volume 9 - Review of a album that is soon to be released. Read what Country Music Vibe had to say regarding this talented group of artists.

Whether you are a traditional or modern country music enthusiast, you will enjoy listening to Mud Digger Volume 9. Some of the best country rap artists have come together to sing on one album. You won’t be disappointed.

Country Music Vibe has always preached to listen to the lyrics first. The lyrics make up the song, and tells a story. When you connect with the lyrics, everything else follows with ease. If you are stuck on the country music singers of old, then you will find it difficult to understand country/rap music. Both elements or genre’s work together like they were meant to be. Keep in mind, not all artists of country/rap are made the same. So, if you are still on the fence regarding this type of music, give the Mudd Digger Vol 09 a chance. You have the best artists in the industry creating a sound that will take you back to the awesome days of your youth. The songs are about summer living and the country way of life.

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Why is Country Music Vibe different that all other websites promoting independent artists?

Why is Country Music Vibe different that all other websites promoting independent artists?

This is a question that I have been asking myself ever since I came up with the idea for a membership. I got some really surprising feedback. I won’t identify the name of the person or organization that provided the “feedback”.

Using your perceptive powers, you were able to come to a conclusion that this is all we were. Thus, some felt, that it wasn’t necessary to subscribe to Country Music Vibe any longer. There were those that lashed out against us, because we wanted to create a membership policy where artists would pay a minimum fee. They encouraged their fan base to no longer follow us on social media. We were lumped in with others that require artists to pay to play. We received some very hateful emails and social media posts. It took me a while to understand why the backlash. Why were individuals so upset at Country Music Vibe for wanting to offset some of our operational costs with a donation arrangement, raffle, or membership fee?

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Jada Vance - She conquered Country Music Vibe in her Live Facebook Takeover.

Remembering the Jada Vance Takeover of Country Music Vibe. There was another stunning performance.

Jada Vance is very humble. She appreciates where she is in this point of her career, and it shows. We learned that she has had some tragedy in her life, with the loss of her father. Jada Vance has even written a song dedicated to her father. She performed it in the Facebook Live Takeover. It was heartfelt, and made an impact on all those listening. Each time I listen to her, I learn something new. I find out she has more to offer her audiences than what we realize. You never would have known it from watching a video produced in a studio. In a world, full of unrest and turmoil, she brings joy and happiness to any audience. Regardless of your disposition, she is sure enough to change it. Even for just a moment in time.

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Steel Ivory - A Facebook Takeover, what a bright idea!

Steel Ivory set the tone for other artists to follow. Their brilliant performance on the Country Music Vibe Facebook Takeover was amazing from the start to finish.

Both sisters were very personable with the viewers. They asked questions, and encouraged responses. “I liked that they asked for special requests”. This is a major plus with me. It showed that they truly were interested in their fans being there. Even though, the Facebook Takeover was for Steel Ivory, they played for the viewers. They didn’t have the attitude that they been there, and done that. They were true to character, and it showed. It was fun, because it was more than a performance.

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When the pack sticks together - Little things stay small

Do you enjoy being taken advantage of?

The answer to that question to the question should be, no. Who in their right mind would want that? There is an old mindless saying “There are no victims, just volunteers”. I say its mindless, because it came from a fraud. The individual had nothing more in mind than taking advantage of unsuspecting clients. People that just wanted to make their way through society, and accomplish what they set out to do. They had no idea, that someone that they trusted would take advantage of them. Whether it was the money they were charging, the promises that they couldn’t keep, or trying to abuse them in another way.

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Interaction with the entertainment industry - Positive and Negative feelings.

If they are asking for your arm, give them your boot. Save yourself time, and frustration. Say no, to a manager that is not putting you on the FAST TRACK to success.

I once found out, that an artist had in their contract to do a number of cover songs. Really??? Cover songs!!! You mean your manager is getting paid for you to cover songs, that you don't have legal rights to use? Ok, what am I missing? Something doesn't look right with this picture. I don't know how many times, I have warned artists to stay away from cover songs. If your manager feels that cover songs are a great marketing strategy, than find someone else. They are slowing your career down. Producers, labels, record companies, they do not want to hear cover songs. They want to hear what you can do on your own. Listen, you are not standing out from other artists, when you run on the same hamster wheel as the other artists. You get know where fast.

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Editor In Chief - Jornalist VS Music Aficionado defined

Editor in chief of Country Music Vibe explores the question: What hold more wait, a review by a journalist or by a music aficionado?

The title Music Aficionado is somewhat different. A Music Aficionado is a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime, specifically music. Now both types of individuals may be enthusiastic about their jobs, however one can be relied on for the truth and accuracy of their opinion, reporting, or review. Would you like to take a guess at which one that may be? It is my perspective, that the Music Aficionado is more inclined to give you accurate information. Since his information is not based upon ratings or trends. He/she is not consumed with thoughts of analytics and targeted audiences. The Music Aficionado does provides perspective based upon their knowledge of a certain subject. Specifically music. They can sometimes refer to other articles or books for information, just to verify accuracy of a point that needs to be made.


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