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Mud Digger Volume 9 - Review of a album that is soon to be released. Read what Country Music Vibe had to say regarding this talented group of artists.

Whether you are a traditional or modern country music enthusiast, you will enjoy listening to Mud Digger Volume 9. Some of the best country rap artists have come together to sing on one album. You won’t be disappointed.

Country Music Vibe has always preached to listen to the lyrics first. The lyrics make up the song, and tells a story. When you connect with the lyrics, everything else follows with ease. If you are stuck on the country music singers of old, then you will find it difficult to understand country/rap music. Both elements or genre’s work together like they were meant to be. Keep in mind, not all artists of country/rap are made the same. So, if you are still on the fence regarding this type of music, give the Mudd Digger Vol 09 a chance. You have the best artists in the industry creating a sound that will take you back to the awesome days of your youth. The songs are about summer living and the country way of life.

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