CMV - Podcast Episode #2 - Songs, where emotions tell the real story.

Podcast: Episode #2
Country Music Vibe
Artists: Tiffany Ashton – Royale Lynn – Tori Sparks

Welcome back, to another podcast episode of Country Music Vibe. Where Musicians Come to Play!!

It has been about a month now since we finished our very first podcast. I think I am still blown away by the quality of artists that was able to join us. To me, they were the very essence of what Country Music Vibe is about. Yes, we are predominantly a country music platform. However, we like to bring in artists from other genre’s. When we do, we always give them our pitch as to why they should make the switch over to country music. Well, at least we want them to be fans of country music. Whether they decide to become country music artists, is their business. Not everyone has the skillset to become a country music artist. I am the first one to admit, that I do not have the singing ability to become a country music artist. Regardless of how much I know about music. I could add up all my other abilities, and it still would not equal out to a talented country singer. Yes, I can carry a tune. Yes, I have been told, that I have a great voice. However, that doesn’t give me a license to sing. So I have great admiration for those that can sing. Much sacrifice has been given, in order to become a country music singer. Those that have given up much, sometimes get very little in return. Even if they are very talented. Which all of the artists on Country Music Vibe are talented. Will they all make it to the BIG TIME? We hope so. We know that there are many artists on CMV should. Not just because they sing well, but because they are actively self-promoting their brand. Which to get anywhere, you “MUST” be actively promoting your singing ability and your name. Remember your name is not just a label, it defines your character.


We know that being a country music artist takes skill. It also requires heart. Not all artist have them both. Some believe that its just a matter of process. That you sing the words on a page, and that’s is it. You then ask yourself, where’s the heart, where’s the emotion behind their singing? How do you expect to invoke a response from your listener, if you as an artist are not putting your own emotion and heart behind your song? I am not saying, that you should have everyone crying or depressed. An emotional reaction can come in many ways. Often, in country music your response is typically one of sadness, and reflection. Yes, there will be some of you that disagree with me, and that is fine. We all have our own views regarding country music. Most of the songs, that I enjoy, end up helping me to reflect on life. Specifically my past. Which is a great thing. That is my expectation for country songs that I hear. I personally want to reflect on the good times, and the bad. If you have particular reasons why you love country music, please feel free to share it with us on our blog below click on the link that says “Leave Comment”. We hope to hear from you. Now, on to what we all have been anticipating. The artists for this month’s podcast episode. So who do we have on tap? Well, just by the photo on front of the blog you can tell that there three ladies. If you have followed CMV, you will be able to recognize them from their photo. If not, let’s refresh your memory. The first artist is Tammy Ashton. We really look forward to having her on this month’s podcast. To be honest, we were thinking about having her on the very first podcast.



Tiffany Ashton - Country Music Vibe

Tiffany Ashton

"Under the confident smile that she has, is a woman with an emotional past and story to be told "Home to me".

Who is she, you may ask? Well, let’s just hope that by this time, you are not asking that question. Tiffany Ashton, has been making blockbuster songs for a couple of years now. Tiffany is not new to the powers that be, in the country music industry. As she was awarded songwriter of the year, and Hollywood music in media award. Also in 2015 she was winner of the “Women in Country” award. There was instant buzz in the country music industry about the release of her CD “Crazy about you”. Which was released during the CMA Festival in 2017. What inspired us to reach out to Tiffany Ashton? First of all, it was her smile. The power of a smile is sometimes underestimated. It gave us the impression that she was happy with her success to this point, and she knew that she was going to go further in her country music career. In addition, it implied that she was confident in her ability. Also, there was much to say about her appearance. You have heard, that “you should dress for success”? This is very true. It helps you keep your focus, and it has the ability to influence the opinion of others. It is a proven fact.

Besides her appearance, we were impressed with her ability to sing. That played a major factor in us reaching out to Tiffany Ashton. Remember, there are many aspects to making it a successful musician. You have to think about the entire package. Not just you’re singing qualifications. Do not forget you also have to have a digital presence that you have to keep up with. It is imperative that you have a digital presence. If you are not sure what that entails, please send us an email and we will give you the short and sweat version of it. Needless to say, Tiffany Ashton has that covered as well. So she is the entire package, rolled up into a country girl from North Carolina. Yes, she amazed us all at Country Music Vibe during 2017. We also look forward to what is ahead for her during this year. Among the hits that Tiffany has had, one in particular has had impact on many of her fans and audience. The name of this song is entitled “Home to Me”. We just had to ask Tiffany what was her inspiration for this song. This is what she told Country Music Vibe:

You will probably agree, that Tiffany Ashton’s feedback was very insightful into the writing of her music. Especially this amazing song “Home to me”. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to it, we wouldn’t want you to miss out. So this is “Home to me” by Tiffany Ashton.

Pretty awesome song, wouldn’t you agree? Well, we look forward to hearing more from Tiffany Ashton for 2018. There is no doubt in my mind that we will.


Royale Lynn - Country Music Vibe

Royale Lynn

"She has an experience, that she has left behind. It's in her music, where she is able to say goodbye".

Next up, is a country singer, there wears her heart on her sleeve. You can tell, by the lyrics of her music. Which to me, is a great way to live, when you are a country music artist. The intensity of your emotions is clearly evident by your voice and the lyrics. This is applicable to the song we are going to play for you today by Royale Lynn. The first song, that we heard from her was called Yard Sale. I first thought, who doesn’t love a good yard sale? I need to hear this song, and find out what its about. I was quickly drawn in by the sound of her voice. I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics, until a couple of plays later. I was so intrigued by her sound, that I needed more. I had to find out what she was made of as an artist. Was she able to produce another song, with the same level of quality? It didn’t take long to answer my question.

The song that I love the most is called “Old You”.  I believe that everyone at some point in their life, can put themselves in the lyrics of this song. It really has the ability to touch the heart of anyone that hears it. However, it’s not just the lyrics, it is the delivery of the song. You still need the right artist to sing it, with the right emotion. You have to download this song, if you don’t you will be missing out. It didn’t take long for Royale Lynn to make artist of the month. She was the December artist of the month for a reason. It wasn’t just because of her country style and look. Royale Lynn knows how to sing, play guitar and perform on stage. Prior to moving to Nashville, she lived in Canada. She deserves to be in Nashville, after all, that is where much of the country talent is. Not everyone makes it in Nashville. However, she is determined, and has what it takes to succeed. Country Music Vibe wanted to know, what went into the making of the song “Old You”. Was there a story behind this song? Let’s listen in to Royale Lynn’s response:

I should have told you that wiping some tears away, would be possible. Listening to her story, reminds me of times I rather have not experienced. What can you say, you live, learn, and move on. That is exactly what Royale Lynn did. Writing the song “Old you” helped her to move on. In case you haven’t heard this heart jerking song, I will play it for you now.

Getting back to the reason for listening to that song was for you get a grasp on the type of artist that Royale Lynn has become. She sings from the heart, and let’s her emotions tell a story. It’s not the same one that you have heard time and time again. It is unique to her situation, and a great way to show us what type of country music singer she will always be. She is poised to go further in the country music industry.



Tori Sparks

"Where there is joy, there is also sadness, she let's her lyrics tell what her heart feels".

 For this next artist, all I can say is WOW!!!! I was totally blown away with Tori Sparks. Her ability to sing both in English and Hispanol’ is totally amazing. There are things about Tori Sparks I never realized. For instance, that she is from Chicago. You would never have known it. She is well traveled, and one of her stops for musical inspiration was Nashville, TN. However, she currently makes her home in Barcelona, Spain. I call her the Queen of Barcelona, because I haven’t heard someone with such royalty and command of her music and audience then Tori. I would love to be in the audience as she sings her songs. You probably wouldn’t be able to hear anything other than Tori Sparks and her band playing along side of her. Yes, she has a Spanish sound to her music. However, not all of her songs are like that. For instance, there is one particular song that captured my attention immediately. The name of the song is called “Wade in the Water”. We are talking about having chills while listening to a song folks. If you are into Spanish guitar, you will know what I mean when you listen to it.

I probably should say that I am not worthy of being able to interview this artist. She is already there folks. She has made it to the big stage, and has recouped the benefits from her hard work. When I reviewed the press quotes from her website, terms like sensuous, admiration, beautiful and dynamic have been used to describe her. Also, shocking, illustrious phenomena, and courageous just to name a few. J She has also been interviewed by many major magazine’s. One of note, is Rolling Stone magazine. Which in itself is all you need to say. But then she has been interviewed in every city she has ever played. Not to mention in every country. How humbling it is, that she took time out of her busy schedule to talk to Country Music Vibe. Tori Sparks has been the utmost in professionalism, and has treated CMV with respect and courtesy. We asked for her feedback, and it was she wasted no time with. We were treated with a high level of importance. Since we have known her, that is the way she is. Which makes her very honorable. I can only say this about a very few artists that I have come in contact with since the start of CMV. I should say there are more than a few. However, even the up and coming artists do not have the humility that they should have. It would be well worth, their efforts to take note of someone like Tori Sparks.

From her latest CD “La Huerta” which in English means “The Garden”. We wanted to find out what her inspiration was for the song called La Huerta. She had this to say to CMV:

Without further delay, Let’s listen to Tori Sparks sing a single from her latest album called “La Huerta” (the garden).

So, what do you think? She is exactly everything Rolling Stone magazine said about her and I quote “Tori Sparks is a courageous woman... Her new album is in keeping with the tendency to push the envelope that has continually marked the career of this particular artist... she's an adventurer.”  –Rolling Stone

We would agree with that statement. However, we can go further by saying she is a masterful musician. There isn’t anything that she cannot sing, perform, or play. When you have an unforgettable presence, than my friend, you have made it.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s podcast. It takes a lot of work. Both by the artists and by Country Music Vibe. It is important for us to continue the path of promoting artists that truly deserve it. We look forward to the month of March, when we will have more artists to feature on our podcast. Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

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