Podcast - What can podcasting accomplish?

Podcasting, what is it and what can it be used for?

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"What are they good for"?

Have you tried podcasting to delivery excellent content? I know what you are thinking. Podcasting has been around for a long time. Isn’tout of date? The answer your question, yes its been around a long time. However, is it out of date? No, it is not. Actually its making a very strong comeback. Like email communications some methods of delivering information, just don’t go away.  It has been proven to be successful over the years. Now, podcasting has caught on with millennials and with older generations, to help drive quality content.

Podcasting can be as simple as uploading a audio file and publishing to your social media platform. However, to get to a larger amount of people, you will have to be creative. You will want to use distribution platforms to make the podcast available to a larger population. Such as iTunes for instance. Depending upon how you create the podcast, will determine what functions are available for use.

Things to consider when creating a podcast:

1.     Topic – Is the topic relavent to the business you are buidling engaging content for?

2.     Are you tagging podcasts with categories that are relavent to your business.

3.     Have you thorougly considered the content that you will use with the podcast, once its ready to be published?

4.     Do you have a quality image to upload with the podcast?

5.     What channels or platforms are you going to make the podcast available?

6.     Are you going to make it downloadable?

7.     What type of equipment and software do you need for the podcast? Is it going to be a simple podcast for narration, or are you going to add music and other elements?

There are some other things to consider before putting into practice your own podcast. Here are some great podcast principles to follow:


If it isyour first time podcasting, you may be wondering several factors:

1.     Like how much will it cost?

2.     What software do I use?

3.     What hardware should I buy?

4.     What platforms are best for re-posting my podcasts?

Let’s first start by stating that these will not be the only questions you will have. As you go along in developing each podcast, you will always be asking yourself questions.

Maybe it would be an issue about getting the best quality out of each podcast. The topic of your podcast and should you have guest involved in your podcast.

There are many questions, that may arise will only add to the fun of doing a podcast. Meaning that there are just so many topics to choose from, and so many ways of doing a podcast. My best suggestion, is just to start with the basics first. Get a good grasp of what the basic podcast does, and then go from there.

Now, to answer your questions about what it requires to get started, you may decide to do the following: Purchase the hardware and software that is not going to break the bank. The reason is that you want to ensure that you are going to enjoy podcasting before spending more money for high end equipment.

A decent microphone like Snow ball Ice should cost you about 49.00. You can purchase directly from Amazon.com or through Walmart. Check out the details by clicking on the following link:


Now, as far as software is concerned. If you have a Mac then you can download Garage Band. That software will give you all you need to experience podcasting. Then there is also FREE downloads, such as Audacity.

Then there are websites that you can go through to obtain a larger distribution of your podcasts. Such as podomatic.com

No matter what you select, always go that extra step by setting up a FREE podcast channel on iTunes. Most websites that you use will show you a step by step process for obtaining a iTunes podcast channel. Doing this will allow for a large audience to hear your podcast. I am confident that you will be delighted with podcasting.

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If you have any questions regarding podcasting, please leave a comment or question below. I will be more then happy to respond.