Perspective - Each one of us has one. So it becomes easily to define what country music is, and isn't.

CMV – Podcast Episode #3
Month of March
Narrator and Editor: Edward Schooley

Featured Artists: Brent Giddens – Maggie Baugh – Genevieve Fisher
Notes from Editor


Perspective. Think about that word for a moment. (are you done) It can be defined as “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something.. A POINT OF VIEW for instance. Each and every one of us has our own perspective or point of view.

This applies to many things in our daily life. Often times, we create points of view for other people’s lives too. Especially when it comes to music. Country music to be specific. If you were asked, what do you think country music should sound like? Would you refer to some of the old school greats, like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr., Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard? Well, depending upon when you grew up, could influence your definition of country music. Let’s say you grew up in the 80’s your perspective of country music could be Kenny Rodgers, Alabama, Mickie Gilley, Dolly Parton or the Oak Ridge Boys. Yes, it’s some of these artists have careers dating back to the 70’s. However, many of us can recall major songs from these artists coming out during the 80’s. Thus, that is when you perspective really started to become influenced by country music. There is a “caveat” to the time table just mentioned. If you are like me, you mother had a massive influence on your music taste’s since you were a child. Since I was in diapers my mother was playing country music from ALL SORTS OF COUNTRY MUSIC ARTISTS. Can you recall Marty Robbins? I wonder how many times I heard the song “El Paso” as a child? Enough for it to stick with me until this day. Yet, that song goes way back to its release in 1959. Then there was BIG BAD JOHN by Jimmy Dean in 1971. Some could say that was the real sound of country. You can find country music that goes back either further then that.

You know, there was such an uproar in the 90s, when Toby Keith, Shania Twain, and Allan Jackson to name a few, threatened to change the dynamic of country music forever. At least that is what they said at that time. Now, people refer back to that time period for what is perceived as real country music. Now, each decade that goes by we here the same argument, over, and over, and over again. When is it going to stop? It seems like no one is ever going to agree on what should be defined as “real country music”.

Does this mean that country music is defined by the artists of that day? Well I hope not. So my friends, let us not be quick to judge what qualifies as real country music. Can we agree to disagree? How about we leave room in our lives for the perspective of other country music fans. If we do, we probably will be less inclined to dismiss the individuality of our closest associates or family members. That’s my take on it folks.

Introduction of the artists

Now, is the time to get into the meat of our podcast with the introduction of this month’s country music artists. Each month thus far, I anticipate it being better, than the previous. Though with the lineup of artists from the previous episodes, I see it as a very difficult challenge. Before I begin searching for participants, I ask; which artist currently on Country Music Vibe will be able to compete against the previous artists? I go round and round with my cohorts seeking to find a resolution to this difficult decision. So I start by asking myself a series of questions. Like, how familiar am I with this artist? What was my first impression of them? How do I view their longevity for the country music industry? Then I proceed from there.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of artists on our STAGE that would qualify for our podcasts. However, I have to start somewhere. Asking questions, is where I start first. Producing a podcast episode can take weeks, or the entire month. There is a lot of planning involved. My suggestion is to avoid podcasting at all possible. Just kidding. It is a great way to interact with your fan base. Not to mention, showing off your favorite country music artists. Needless to say, we have three of the most talented artists you can find. We were all impressed with these three featured musicians. First up, is none other than Brent Giddens.

Brent Giddens


Brent Giddens

He has a voice that you will not forget. I haven’t worked with Brent Giddens as long as some of the other artists. However, the first time I heard his singing, I knew that I couldn’t let this opportunity getaway. The first song that I heard was called “Tangles”. While I watched the video, it was easy to interpret the message. The fact, that the message was clear doesn’t mean that it lessened the value of what he had to say. It reminded me of the relationship my father had with my sisters. I couldn’t stop thinking about how my father viewed them when they were younger. Though my mother was around, and cared for them even more than my father, he cared for them, regardless of the situation. You have to watch the video, and pay attention to the lyrics of the song. You may even want to watch it several times, I don’t see how you could resist. Trust me, it’s worth investing your time to watch the video, and understand completely the message of the song. I will guarantee that you will have gained another country music artist to admire. I have compared Brent Giddens to Johnny Cash, and George Straight. I would say that most male country singers, would be thrilled to be compared with those two country music legends. Having a modern country music sound is not a bad thing. However, most traditional country music fans will disagree with me. Don’t worry, you won’t have to worry about that with Brent Giddens. (btw, you can read my opinion about modern country singers in my blog page). Regarding this artist, there is a song that really had me interested to the point, where I needed him to explain why he came up with the lyrics for the song called “Why I am single”. If you have been married for any length of time, then you know that the title for that song is a statement and not a question. As you listen to the song, you will hear his reasons for being single. “He mentions he is not against being with someone”. We take it that, he rather not deal with all the other negative issues that come with a relationship. Brent Giddens is a very talented singer. He has got the old school, traditional sound going. It’s not the rusty old school, nor is he trying to imitate the great singers, that have paved a way for country music singers today. Brent Giddens has his own style, and mthod for singing his type of country music. Like we usually do, we have asked Brent to provide feedback regarding the song. Here is what he told Country Music Vibe, on where he got the inspiration for the song “Why I am single”.

Now, we know the reasons behind the song “Why I am single”. As he mentioned , the lyrics of the song. He is not against being with someone, he just prefers being single for now. That my friend is a good idea. Before I find myself single, I best keep quiet and just play the song. So my friends here is Brent Giddens singing “Why I am single”

We want to thank Brent Giddens for stopping y and giving us his feedback regarding that song. You would have to agree that Brent is a very talented country music artist. He has a promising career ahead of him. If you want to know more about Brent Giddens, please visit his online profile on . There is also some additional songs that are posted, just beneath his profile.

Maggie Baugh

Maggie Baugh - Country Music Vibe

Maggie Baugh

Now that we are more than half way into the show, it would only be appropriate to review one of the top performing artists of 2017. She has also had a tremendous start for 2018 as well. Who is this artist, you ask? Well, it’s Maggie Baugh of course. When I first reviewed her work, I wasn’t looking for progress. She already had shown consistently over a period of time, with a high level of professionalism. Maggie has performed with some of best artist in country music, and is continually amazing crowds at the venue’s and concert halls. Let’s not forget the stadiums where she sings before thousands of people. She is so often busy that her recent song “Catch me” is so applicable to her life right now. However, I don’t believe that she will be slowing down anytime soon. Maybe she should come up with a follow up to that song? “Catch me, not a chance” don’t worry Maggie, you can have the rights to that song title”. Seriously though, she is a very confident singer, songwriter and can play multiple instruments. Such as the acoustic guitar and fiddle.

Maggie Baugh goes above and beyond to promote herself as a country singer. She does exactly what we suggest to all country music artists. If you do not get involved with self-promotion of your brand, then you will soon become a part of someone’s memory. They will remember your music, but forget you as an artist. I have had to remove profiles on our website due to the lack of consistency with artists. I am familiar with the timeframe that they need to let their creative juices flowing, and it sometimes can take up to year. Especially if they are working on a complete album.

HOWEVER, if they are just working on a single to promote their brand, they it shouldn’t take that long. They should also be consistent about it, and follow through with scheduling events to perform before audiences. You know, Maggie has been thorough with her sources to promote her brand. At just 18 years of age, she is able to accomplish this. She has also played with the likes of Terry McBride, Marty Raybon and one of my favorites, Charlie Daniels.

We know Maggie is always hard at work, but there are certain things that go into the making of a song. Such as inspiration, love, relationships or even life experience. It is important for you to know, what was her inspiration for the song “Catch me”?

Truly Maggie is not short on words, and can go on for hours explaining what gives her the courage to express herself through songwriting. If you haven’t heard of the song “Catch me” it truly is an example of her accomplishments. She has impressed, many of professionals in the country music industry, I know she will impress you as well. Here is her song called “Catch me”.

Genevieve Fisher

Genevieve Fisher - Country Music Vibe

Genevieve Fisher

We are at the conclusion of our podcast. However, it is by no means over. There is still one last artist that we have to rave over. It is part of our mission, that we find country music artists all over the globe. It turns out, that we didn’t have to go very far for this next artist. Matter of fact, she is one of our neighbors from Canada. Needless to say, that she has many fans that are fond of her too. What do Canadians and CMV know about Genevieve Fisher that makes her so special? Well, first of all, there are more than just Canadians and CMV that know about this talented singer. There is a large population of fans worldwide that know how great of an artist that Genevieve Fisher has become over the years. For example: Genevieve has earned 6 top 50 national country hits. Her last two “Take it on home” and “You me we” climbed into Canada’s top 20 and top 30 country music hits.

Genevieve has continued to expand her influence on the Canadian country music scene earning female artist of the year nominations at the 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017 Country Music Association of Ontario Music Awards. She has been recognized by the Canadian Country Music Association with prestigious CCMA performance selection at the 2012 New Artist showcase in Saskatoon as well as performing in the prestigious Songwriters Series in 2016.

If you know me, I am not all about awards. As they are often times subjective. If I were to rely upon my own personal feelings and tastes, then most everyone on my website would be an award winner. The point is, that I can tell that Genevieve Fisher is an amazing singer, just by listening to her with my own heart and mind. No amount of awards would convince me of something, that my perspective has already concluded. So I am encouraging each one of you to do the same thing. Listen to her song with your heart and mind. Be opened to listening to someone that you are not necessarily familiar with. Forget about the awards that she has received, and that her music has burned up the charts.

Think about the lyrics, the instruments, and then her vocals. When you are done, then come to your own conclusion about her abilities. That is the only way to come to an honest assessment about a country music singer. I strongly believe in Genevieve Fisher, and I know you will too.

It isn’t often that you get a chance to get into the mind of a country music artist to understand what they were thinking when they wrote a particular song. We were grateful to get the opportunity to ask her what was behind the making of the song called “Take it on home”. List to what she had to say:

We have had the chance to talk up the song, and give you our opinion about it. Now it’s your turn to form your own. So without further delay, her is the song you have been waiting to hear by Genevieve Fisher called “Take it on home”.

So what do you think of Genevieve Fisher? Are you now a fan, or do you a chance to listen to more of her music? I can tell you, that there is plenty more of where that one came from. So if your not fan today, you will be. It entirely impossible not to. However, if you like what you hear, then go buy it, and say no to FREE or illegal downloads. Regardless of where the music come from. All music is covered by copyright laws, regardless of the country it is made in. Outside of the legalities for obtaining music, it is totally worth the investment. Either one of these artists, Brent Giddens, Maggie Baugh and Genevieve Fisher is worth more than the cost of purchasing a downloadable song online, or through your favorite retailer.

Remember the two words we used today, Perspective and Subjective? Become the person that is influenced by a song based upon your own taste. Songs can be valued or devalued based upon these two words. But when it comes down to it, neither of them matter if they are someone else’s point of view. That said, we would like to hear your opinion of what you thought about the music that you heard today. We like the chance to interact with the listeners of the show. If you have any questions, or would like to hear from someone in an upcoming podcast, let us know. Thank you, and have a great day. Your friends at Country Music Vibe.