Journalist or Music Aficionado - Which one is best to review music talent?

Country Music Vibe – Podcast – Episode #4
Narrator/Editor – Edward Schooley
Subject: Qualifications for determining talent.
Artists – Lydia Waldrop – Amanda Cooksey – Stevie Jewel
Month: April


EDITOR IN CHIEF – COMMENTS: Journalist Vs. Music Aficionado

 Welcome back to Country Music Vibe. It is exciting that we are already finished with podcast episode #4. As I mentioned in my last podcast, it is always difficult to decide on which artists should participate in our podcasts. There are so many qualified and willing artists. Each with their own unique talents and style of singing. This time, it wasn’t any easier. That is why, as soon as we are done with one podcast, we are moving on to the next one. Sometimes, we are working on two podcasts at the same time. We do not want anything to get in the way of producing our podcasts on time. Our staff will create imaginary deadlines for efficiency. This is the only effective solution for our team.

In episode #4,  we want to open up with the editor’s comments with defining the roles of a journalist versus a music aficionado when it comes to music. Who is better qualified to determine if an artist is talented? Is it the individual that defines themselves a journalist, or is it the one who considers themselves a music enthusiast or aficionado?

Let’s open up by defining each title. The word Journalist is used to describe someone a person who writes for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or prepares news to be broadcast. They often keep a journal to keep track of specific activities that they encounter. There have been some very popular journalists in my day. Those that are alive and still reporting on the news, and then some that have passed away with historic subjects, topics and events. There are also some journalists trained to embellish, falsify, and dramatize news to increase ratings.

The title Music Aficionado is somewhat different. A Music Aficionado is a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime, specifically music. Now both types of individuals may be enthusiastic about their jobs, however one can be relied on for the truth and accuracy of their opinion, reporting, or review. Would you like to take a guess at which one that may be? It is my perspective, that the Music Aficionado is more inclined to give you accurate information. Since his information is not based upon ratings or trends. He/she is not consumed with thoughts of analytics and targeted audiences. The Music Aficionado does provide his/her perspective based upon their knowledge of a certain subject, music. They can sometimes refer to other articles or books for information, just to verify accuracy of a point that needs to be made.

Thus far, is my definition of both titles subjective? Well it all depends. There is more false news reported on a daily basis by a journalist then there is by a Music Aficionado. As he/she is concerned more about the facts. They are more inclined to tell you about the history of a subject, and how it applies to current events. For instance, like the life of an artist. Where they got their beginnings, how were they influenced, and what are their goals for the future.

Music Aficionado’s care about the details of the life of an individual. Such as the profound effect on different genres of music. With the reviews and insights into music, can often influence someone to listen too, or to avoid the music all together. Is the information based upon perspective? Yes. However, you tend to trust and rely upon their point of view because of their knowledge. Their enthusiasm for music is often conveyed through their reviews or articles. Also, often times, they will write with no anticipation of an individual reading what they are putting down on paper or their software application. There may not be a pay day, or even appreciation extended to them for what they do. However, they do it for the LOVE of music.

You can allow yourself to be dazzled by all kind of words to describe yourself or music. The Music Aficionado will write with subjectivity in mind, knowing that what he/she adds to it can be based upon personal feelings. However, they will not embellish or distort truth to increase ratings or reviews. That is my take on it.


Introduction of the artists

Now, it is about time to move on to something that wet’s you’re appetite for more of this podcast episode. We are at the point, of discussing the featured artists of this episode. You will be delighted to know, that the three artists that I will be covering are very talented. Which is nothing new. I believe you have come to expect that of Country Music Vibe. Each of these artists, are well known within their circle of country music fans. There is no hesitation, for their fans to react whenever something is posted online. That is a sign of a great following. I know there is a  lot of information to get into on each of the artists, so I won’t spend much time on the introduction this time. I know, I must have just ruined your day. Well, don’t worry……I will make sure that the next episode has an introduction that is twice as long.


Lydia Waldrop - He calls me beautiful

Regarding the first artist.

Lydia Waldrop - Country Music Vibe

Lydia Waldrop

"He calls me beautiful".

One day I was reviewing the artists on Country Music Vibe for new music. Which also includes the last time they performed or produced music. This helps us to determine, what artists will be removed from the website. I know, that not all artists are putting out songs, one after another. Sometimes it takes a little longer. Because they want to get the song or album just right. I completely understand this reasoning. When it came time for Lydia Waldrop, I didn’t know what I was going to find. I had recalled that it was a while when we first connected, since her last EP. I was wondering what was in store for us, when I visited her online. My first impression, was someone has been hard at work. Because there was public appearances for each of her new songs. You don’t know, how excited I was to hear her sing. It wasn’t just because she was singing. It was because Lydia came so far, within a short period of time. I know, she had a strong fan base from the start. However, that didn’t influence my decision to ask her to join Country Music Vibe. It was hearing something in her voice, (initially) that showed that there was a promising career for this young artist.

 What even makes this astounding, is that she is only 15 years of age “just fifteen”. She has been performing since she was a young child. Do you remember where your mind was at that age? Age, 9, 12 or 15?  I know the last thing on my mind was a career in country music. She is a great example of what you can accomplish, when you set your heart and mind to it. All barriers can be overcome, regardless of how many years you have under your belt (meaning in one’s possession or experience) for those that are new to country lingo. However, I would normally refer to that saying when I have reached my maximum amount of beers. J

 There is this particular song that floored us. We were like no way, that can’t be from a 15 year old. The song is called “He calls me Beautiful”.  You can tell that the lyrics are from someone with a mind that things way ahead of her time. She sings with emotion, and each word is generated from the deepest part of her figurative heart. When such a masterpiece is formed, we have to find out, where it came from. What exactly moved Lydia to come up with this song. This is what she told Country Music Vibe:

So you see, her response was way different than what you expected. Not everyone things the same, or has the same life experiences. Certainly, they have people in their lives, that are the center of their universe and can motivate them to accomplish anything.

Now, it is the time you all have waited for. It’s the unveiling of Lydia Waldrop’s song called “He calls me Beautiful”.  I already know what you’re saying. That guy from Country Music Vibe certainly knows talent. I would have to agree with you too. Yes, I am very humble. J Here is Lydia Waldrop singing “He calls me beautiful”.


Amanda Cooksey - My America

Amanda Cooksey - Country Music Vibe

Amanda Cooksey

"My America".

Amanda has been with Country Music Vibe since July of 2017. She has something special about her, that makes it easy to want to listen to her. I believe it has to do with her presentation. I can only imagine, that she is an approachable person. This is a good thing. Often times, people of her caliber, think way too much of what they achieved. They lose humility. Which can lead to loss of fans, and an ability to connect. Amanda Cooksey has mastered the art of communication, and interacting with her fans or audience. One of the main obstacles that artists have a hard time doing. Example: Have you ever watched one of those T.V. shows where they have singers compete against one another on stage? Many of them can sing. Though they lack the ability to connect with their audience. IT IS SO EASY, TO TUNE THESE TYPES OF SINGERS OUT!

Amanda’s music is about love and life through her eyes. Her story began in Orlando, Florida, where she began writing her own music through smart melodies and clever lyrics at the age of 12. She moved to Nashville in 2014 to attend Belmont University and graduated 2 years later with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.  

Amanda is currently working hard on her music, through writing and collaborating with Nashville songwriters, including some grammy nominated songwriters. Amanda’s heart is much like her work ethic. She is a music philanthropist and volunteers with Tunes for Tots to help Make a Wish and Simon House. Amanda was moved to help raise awareness for charities that help people with cancer when several of her friends were diagnosed with cancer as well as her Uncle and her most loved music instructor-Ron Feldman.

She continues to perform as much as she can while working on her songwriting. She is humbled everyday by the amount of work and dedication it takes to be a musician. Music is a huge part of her life and she devotes much of her creative energy to it. Amanda hopes that you will become a fan and friend. Well, that should be an easy thing to do with this artist. One of ther reasons for having her on this podcast is so that you can get to know her better. Amanda wanted to provide you with what inspired her to write one of her song’s called “My America” This is what she told Country Music Vibe:

We find that many artists change the meaning of their songs, midway through the producing of the song. Which is the sign of a creative genius at work. Its important to recoginize the potential that each song has. Than adjust your video accordingly. Especially if it can have a different meaning to your listeners. Let’s hear the song “My America”. While you are listening to it, think about the meaning that it has for you personally. Here is Amanda Cooksey singing “My America”:

So what did you think? What message came to you, when you were listening to the song My America? The answer is rhetorical, so there is no need to provide an answer in the comments below. If you do, just click on the link below that says “Leave Comment”.

When you have a chance check out other songs from Amanda Cooksey, as she is an amazing talent.


Stevie Jewel - Earthquake

Stevie Jewel - Country Music Vibe

Stevie Jewel


I have to say I really enjoy my job. Especially anything related to Country Music Vibe. However, of all the services that we offer, none are like the podcast sessions. Not that the rest of the components of our site are any less enjoyable. Podcasts, just allow for me to write anything that comes to my mind. It’s a freestyle of writing and talking. It is the one thing, I don’t have to run through a proofreader before posting. Though, I probably should. Maybe that is something I will consider before the 3rd quarter of this year. Like everything else, anything that is priority overrides, what the Chief-In-Editor wants. Well, that is what I have instructed the staff at CMV. I am the head, but they are the neck that turns me. While you think that one over, we will move on to the last artist of this particular episode. Her name is Stevie Jewel. She is a wonderfully talented artist that is described as Ontario born Stevie Jewel is Katy Perry meets Country with a twist of Southern Rock.

If you don’t know much about Stevie Jewel, there is no doubt in my mind that you will. She has a great career in country music awaiting her. She is totally focused on bringing her talents to country music fans worldwide.

Here accomplishments thus far include: A multi award winning and Grammy nominated before she turned 20, STEVIE has performed at The White House, Canadian Country Music Awards, and all over the U.S. to great acclaim. She is a graduate of The Royal Conservatory in Canada, Las Vegas Academy for the Performing Arts and the Atlanta Music Academy, STEVIE’s powerful storytelling and stunning vocal presence highlight her unique artistic identity which connects her to her audience across the globe.

There is way more to Stevie Jewel than I just mentioned. You can learn more about Stevie by visiting her profile on Country Music Vibe.

So what makes her song Earthquake so special that we have to play it on Country Music Vibe’s podcast? Well, let Stevie Jewel tell you herself:

This is another one of those songs, where you think you have an understanding of the song. However the intention for writing it, takes on a different meaning when the artist explains the the inspiration for the song. So now, that you got her input on the song Earthquake, sit back and relax.. here is the song by Stevie Jewel called Earthquake.

The song Earthquake did impress us. We were “moved” by the song. Please keep in mind, that besides the song Earthquake Stevie Jewel has also released another song called Told You So" and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this single will be donated to the Canadian Women's Foundation in support of empowering women.


Before closing out this podcast, I want to thank all of artist for taking part in todays episode. It means a great deal to us. I hope you feel the same way. We look forward to next month’s podcast as we will have more quality artists to review. Have a great day, my friends.