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CMV - Podcast Episode #2 - Songs, where emotions tell the real story.

Songs, where heartfelt emotions tell the real story. Each of these artists have felt the raw emotions from being right in the middle of the story they are singing. Experience it for yourself through their words.

It has been about a month now since we finished our very first podcast. I think I am still blown away by the quality of artists that was able to join us. To me, they were the very essence of what Country Music Vibe is about. Yes, we are predominantly a country music platform. However, we like to bring in artists from other genre’s. When we do, we always give them our pitch as to why they should make the switch over to country music. Well, at least we want them to be fans of country music. Whether they decide to become country music artists, is their business. Not everyone has the skillset to become a country music artist. I am the first one to admit, that I do not have the singing ability to become a country music artist.

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