Paul brings performs with guitar skills in a manner that brings each song to life. He has the ability to energize his audience with lightning fast guitar picking with  dynamic melodies.

Paul Gargiulo became a local favorite playing in bars, restaurants and clubs as a teenager. Over the years, as an indie artist, Paul Gargiulo became enamored by  Americana, blues, country, rockabilly, and funk-style.
Paul Gargiulo performs solo or with his band both locally and nationally. His original material consists of earthy blues, to fast picking guitar playing. He also enjoys heartbreaking Latin stylings to country inspired love stories. His work also covers a range of jazzy, swingy and rockabilly sounds. 

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Paul Gargiulo

Paul Gargiulo is a 2 time Josie award winner. He won awards for  Americana Artist Of The Year. Paul Gargiulo is currently working on his seventh CD, and has already released 6 studio CDs. His latest  album is called Long Time Coming. In 2016. Jersey boy Paul Gargiulo is a favorite performer. He is known for his original music and innovative finger work on the guitar. This singer songwriter, launched his musical career singing and writing blues based music. His songs include lyrics inspired by his own personal experiences, struggles, and losses. His performances are noted for their sheer energy, passion and relentless powerhouse vocals, that are heightened by his gifted guitar playing.