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In addition to being a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Greenville’s Rush Morgan studied audio engineering at the Dark Horse Institute in Nashville. Although he's experienced behind the board, he made it known he would rather take the backseat and have a true Nashville producer fill the roll of engineer.

Morgan also took music business classes at Dark Horse, and he was smart enough to know that in Music City, there’s always a better producer or player around the corner. So when Morgan took his songs to record at the Bomb Shelter studio in Nashville, he did so with Jon Estes, a man who’s resume as a bassist and producer boasts around 300 credits.

“Jon is a really good multi-instrumentalist,” Morgan says. “He played piano, Wurlitzer, organ, and bass on the whole record. And he had a huge role in the presentation.”

Perhaps the best example of their collaboration is on the EP’s opening track, “Augusta Wind,” where Morgan’s deft acoustic playing and high, plaintive voice pitch a haunting melody against a subtle string arrangement that glides through the song like the titular breeze. “I didn’t hear strings when I wrote it,” Morgan says, “but he’s produced hundreds of records and he heard it and put them on there.”

Throughout the album, Morgan creates a hushed, intimate series of songs with indelible melodies and moves from wistful folk-pop to warm, understated soul with the skill of a true musical omnivore. Which he is.

“I was homeschooled up through high school and didn’t have a whole lot of time with friends, so music was my shelter,” he says. “I found shelter in other people’s music. I loved Jackson Browne, Amos Lee, Paul Simon, and The Beatles and Motown had a pretty big effect on me, too. And then I found release when I was inspired by music and I wanted to make my own.”

Rush Morgan is an old soul at heart and a working man by trade. Getting his start in 2009 playing coffee shops in his hometown of Clemson, SC he's graduated to being a national touring artist and a locally renowned talent. Opening for acts like Taylor John WilliamsPeter Bradley Adams, Smokey Brights, Calliope Musicals, and much more. With the release of his EP "River Stone" in 2017 he's begun to shake the roots of folk and soul. Morgan cut his teeth on the poetic


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lyricism of artists old and new such as Jackson Browne, Neil Young, and Mandolin Orange. They seem to have "spun a hushed, intimate series of songs into indelible melodies that moves from wistful folk-pop to warm, understated soul with the skill of a true musical omnivore."  As an accomplished guitar player his hands never work alone. With influences from the languid guitar playing of John Mayer, B. B. King, and Stevie Ray Vaughn he's managed to obtain roots not only in old folk but old blues as well. He spent a year of his life living in Nashville cultivating and harvesting his songwriting chops as well as studying audio engineering and music business at Dark Horse Institute, forming the sharp point of the life he wants to live in music.