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What is your search value?

Country Music Vibe is not the same as other websites that promote their artists. We use Search Engine Optimization to get the most of of your search value. Most websites without SEO will only come up if you do a search specifically for the website name. However, with SEO you can find our website with key words. We use the most common words that are used to search for websites or content related to what you will find on our website. We use the most common words searched on in the United States. The closer that we get with the words used by your fans or other industry professionals, the closer to the first page in the search engine.

Social Media presence. What is a website without social media? What is a social media without a website? They are two platforms that need each other. Brand awareness and consumer engagement require both platforms to be operating at their highest level. We offer social media consultations as well as management.


TOUR PRESS:  We create specific tour press releases that will meet your needs. Not every tour press should be the same. The connections used for the tour press release should not be the same either. Country Music Vibe will customize an effective tour press, that is distributed to connections in the event or touring area.

BRANDING:  The Country Music Vibe strategy for creating your brand is to identity your best image. We use several techniques to determine your image. Our brand strategy will ensure that your voice is heard clearly (your “image voice”). It is not in your best interest for us to be verbose in, the language that we use to define our strategy.

We try to keep our strategy simple for you to comprehend. Our brand strategy involves the essence of who you are. We focus on your beliefs, behavior, personality traits and identity model to determine effective branding. The outcome of your brand will mean personal growth in the entertainment industry. If the common consumer doesn’t identify with your brand then, you can lose the interest of your audience. So, an effective branding strategy will help you grow. Country Music Vibe has a proven strategy that will help consumers identify with your image and voice.



ALBUM / EP PUBLICITY CAMPAIGNS: Have you ever wondered why your album or EP wasn’t as successful as you planned? The campaign used by your representative needs to be tailored to fit music industry strategy. Often times, another release of a perfect album or EP is necessary. Country Music Vibe will determine the best publicity campaign to use for your album or EP. We have a proven track record for building campaigns that drive high conversion rates. That is where you should look when considering a PR agency. The proof is in the conversion.


PLAYLIST PROMOTION: Country Music Vibe has their very owned and operated radio station, located out of Cincinnati, OH. Your music will be played multiple times per day. Hosted radio personality Todd Key. We have other artists that submit their songs to Country Music Vibe. However, they are not given priority over our clients. We include online jingles and sound byte’s to promote your music. Online interviews are also available for our clients.


SINGLE / VIDEO CAMPAIGNS: There is a tendency to film or record your own video broadcasts to promote single releases. While video campaigns are important, they can be a deterrent to purchasing your music. This is due to the quality of the video. Low budgeted video’s do not get as many views or plays that professional videos do. There is an art to making a professional looking video. While this is not part of the overall services, we offer, we can facilitate the process through one of our partners. Country Music Vibe clients have an edge in this area. We personally negotiate the price between you and our affiliate videographers.


Once your video is released, it will be distributed through press releases and effective advertising campaigns.


LIFESTYLE & FASHION PR:  These are two area’s that many consider least important. However, our fashion and lifestyle police will help you to maintain a lifestyle that is conducive to a professional musician. Country Music Vibe understands that personal choice in fashion is part of your character and even stage persona. However, great choices produce awesome and loyal fans. We are here to help you, in making these decisions. Also, while proactively sending a message to the public about your outstanding reputation.


ARTIST DEVELOPMENT:  Country Music Vibe doesn’t supply vocal coaching. You should only seek the services of a professionally trained vocal coach if required. Serious damage can be done if you try to use  your voice box in ways it’s not accustomed. However, we do provide music collaboration. Which will aid in the development of your songs. We are highly trained in what songs should sound like based upon the genre. In addition, we will provide reviews of your songs that will also aid in your development.


COACHING / CONSULTATION: To be coached sometimes has negative overtones. It might be to some that you have done something wrong. However, Country Music Vibe doesn’t view it that way. Coaching is an opportunity to enhance your presence from a marketing perspective. We answer the questions like: Could I improve upon my branding? Is my digital presence adequate? What do I need to do, to get results that lead to career advancement? Am I paying to much money for the services rendered by another agency? Is the message as an artist being lost? Is my means of communication on stage effective? There are so many more questions, that Country Music Vibe can assist you with. This is just one of the benefits that you receive as a client of Country Music vibe.



SPECIAL NOTE FROM OUR PUBLICIST:  With our 30 years of Sales and Marketing experience we use every effective means available to meet your expectations. Country Music Vibe also incorporates 7 years of social media consultation, to expand your reach on social media. This includes content engagement that leads to client conversion. There is a step by step process for every viewer on your social media page, before they become a consumer of your product. We are referring to your music, books, products, or image. Your success starts with Country Music Vibe, and your music career never ends. It only grows even more as a professional artist. So its time to start reaping the rewards of your hard work and dedication. Hire a PR company with connections, and effective strategy. We will guarantee our services. How many PR Agencies will do that? Not just say the words, but back it up by a legal contract.