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Lead singer and songwriter Billy McKnight is no stranger to the music industry, having had national success as an independent artist. In search of a new project, he teamed up with producer Henry Paul, best known for his roles in southern rock bands Blackhawk and The Outlaws.


A life-long music student and teacher, Jason Alfano’s passion and drive allowed him to work with some of America’s best known artists and producers. He has also written several television theme songs, performed live on national television, and has inspired scores of up-and-coming artists of tomorrow.


A skilled guitarist, Rick Morgan brings years of live performance and recording work to the stage as the newest member of Soul Circus Cowboys.


Country – Jazz – Metal - Top 40. During his storied 20 plus year career, Michael McMahon has played them all with a variety of bands. And now, he plays bass and sings for Soul Circus Cowboys. His rock-edge style has helped the band create a sound that is unique to country music. He is also an accomplished piano and guitar player.

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Soul Circus Cowboys

Soul Circus Cowboys’ first album, Lay It Down, quickly established the band as a musical force to be reckoned with. Critics and fans praised the song for its message and authenticity, the band for its astute musicianship and the album as a collection of well-told stories, each crafted by songwriters who’ve “been there – done that.” The video for Lay It Down became a fan favorite on country music video channels, including Great American Country (GAC) and Country Music Television (CMT). Soul Circus Cowboy’s single, That’s The Way We Roll offers an equally eclectic combination of sounds, styles and stories, all written (or co-written) by McKnight, the master storyteller.

From the intense vocal delivery and to-the-point lyrics of She’s A Lot Like Whiskey to the emotionally wrenching, instrumentally charged If You’re Gonna Leave; That’s The Way We Roll rounds off the band’s rough edges, exposing a more polished, yet gutsier, grittier kind of country rock.

The band is back in the studio to record their follow up record to the chart breaking "Tailgate Country" BILLBOARD TOP 50 "Tailgate Country"

Meet the band

Billy McKnight - Lead Vocals
Rick Morgan - Lead Guitar/ Harmony
Mike McMahon - Bass Guitar/ Harmony
Jason Alfano - Drums