03 - 02- 2019 Tara Pollman - Press Announcement. A talented web designer and content consultant.

This hire was not difficult to make. We knew she had a strong background in web design. Also her talent with writing is superb. You can’t hire just anyone for the job. Our clients need to be represented by the best. The content that we create on behalf of our clients needs to be without error. She knows the importants of details. Everything that you want others to know about your clients are wrapped up in the details. Content is king, and it is crucial. Tara Pollman is a great hire. There will be more to come regarding her involvement in the day to day operation of Country Music Vibe PR, LLC. For now, we want you to get to know a little bit about Tara Polllman.

Tara Pollman - Country Music Vibe PR, LLC.

Tara Pollman

Web designer and Content Consultant.

Tara Pollman is an internet marketer who has been designing, developing and promoting websites for almost 20 years. She took the first-ever web design course that was offered at her local college. By the time she received her certification, she had already built several professional websites, served as the college's web design curriculum consultant and secured a full time position with a local computer company.

Tara's decades of hard work have allowed her clients to grow and expand their brands, far beyond their expectations. Her ‘outside-the-box’ mindset when crafting each design, allows each and every one of herclients to express their individual personalities and styles. That must be why, many of them have been with her for an average of 5-10 years or more. 

In her free time, Tara loves to travel with her husband Clay, follow orders from her Pomeranian Sadie, visit gluten free cafes and find natural remedies for every ailment in life. She also has been known to enjoy solving TV murder mysteries and even met Pat & Vanna when she spun to win on the Wheel of Fortune.