PRESS RELEASE 1.0 2-22-2018 - The introduction of the CMV Sports Show

The CMV Sports Show

The CMV Sports Show

The CMV Sports Show

"Representing the best sports talk in the nation".

Country Music Vibe has been very busy this year. Especially within the last month. We have a picture how what Country Music Vibe is going to look like when we are running on all cylinders. It is one of the most beautiful pictures you can imagine. Our organization is going to accomplish what no one in the music industry has been able to do. Every aspect of the music industry and radio will be covered. Normally it takes years for each entity to be established. However, not in our case. We have individuals on our team that are experienced and dedicated to make this happen.

Country Music Vibe is not only a Public Relations Agency, but we are equipped to handle country music radio. This will also include a sports program. Isn’t this too much in such a short period of time? Maybe to some it would be. However, we have the team in place to make it happen. Every aspect of our organization has been covered by a professional in the music industry.

We want to take this time to announce the hosts of the CMV Sports Show. It will be hosted by Anthony Quintero and Jose Bejarano. We are looking into adding a 3rd host to the show as well. They operate out of a studio in Lutz, Florida. They will have updated coverage of multiple sports. So if you’re a fan of football or baseball, they will have coverage of it during their sports show. The official day and time is not available as of yet. Though we will be keeping you informed across all of our platforms, including CMV Radio.

The CMV Sports Show will be available on the following web link. Please be sure to bookmark it to your browser. We anticipate having a mobile app specifically for CMV Radio. You will also be able to access the show from the mobile app.

This feature of Country Music Vibe has been in the plans for a while now. We wanted to cover sports on the radio, because it is part of our past time. Most all of us have grown up listening too or watching some type of sport. It is part of our history like hotdogs and hamburgers. The content of the show is going to be rich in entertainment value. Each show will be different and unique. These two hosts are not new to the radio spotlight. We look forward to a successful show hosted by Anthony and Jose.

We will keep you updated with the dates and time of the CMV Sports Show. We hope you will tune in. Please note, that they can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To email the show directly contact them at