A journey, a path, an adventure.
A world of freedom where passion is everything. A world of freedom to which passion holds the key.
“Noise that thinks”...
Thomas Lyden is a guitarist, songwriter and arranger, passionate about country, jazz, rock, pop, blues and classical music which he strives heart and soul to embody.
After many years as a dedicated teacher, in addition to immersion in media production in collaboration with various specialized publishers, he is now devoting himself to a more personal project that blends music, photography, and his passion for the wide-open spaces of nature.
Here is a brief glimpse of what is to come.

It all started when we listened to the song ... A Phoenix Never Dies

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At that point, we knew there was something special about Thomas Lyden. There was no doubt in our minds that he could play the guitar. He even produced a video, that spoke volumes about his talent and ability. He immediately followed it up with the song called "Surfing with the Stars". It resonated with Country Music Vibe. We had a feeling that Thomas Lyden was serious about  music. All the time that we would invest in his career would pay off for him. We will have more information about Thomas Lyden as we set up interviews with him. Country Music Vibe of Tampa, FL wants to know more about what inspires Thomas to make such remarkable music.