PRESS RELEASE 08-17-2018 Rising out of the dirt and ashes comes a clothing line poised for future growth and success.

Worn and Branded NYC - Country Music Vibe

Worn and Branded NYC

"The clothing line that will fit your shape comfortable".

Country Music Vibe recently sent out a press release announcing the story behind Worn and Branded NYC. It was really compelling for us to hear how they got their start. So much, that we had to partner with them. They are not only one of our sponsors, they also are the official clothing line of Country Music Vibe and CMV Radio.

From adversity and tragedy comes victory and fortitude.

Once the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy was felt, not many people knew how to go on with their lives in the same manner. We were right to expect certain freedoms in our lives. However, we never would have expected a loss of so many family, friends, and neighbors. Many people knew where they were when the two planes crashed into the towers. They can recount almost every detail from what they saw and heard afterwards.

Many individuals are still trying to deal effectively with their feelings and emotions. Each year, the same tears and aguish is felt. It is almost like reliving that day all over again. Even though we all have our experiences, and stories to tell about that day, the state of New York was able to rebuild, and come out of tragedy to enjoy a triumph victory.

New Yorkers were determined to move on with their lives. To make changes that helped other people remain strong. Business men and women changed open up their lives to take in their neighbors, helping in any way they could. Everything they do in their lives revolves around giving back to their neighbor. In a sense, stating: “No matter what happens, we are going to stay New York Strong”. New businesses open up, and old businesses have restructured their day to day to accommodate their neighbors. Are these signs of people being paralyzed by fear? Not at all. It is a sign of fortitude and victory.

A start-up company that has arisen from the dust and ashes of 9/11

 After the smoke settled and people were realizing what was left of the building and the surrounding areas, they realized that something needed to be done. Most cities or even countries were crumble mentally and physically from this type of attack to their way of life. However, not New Yorkers. They are strong willed. Nothing brings them together like adversity and challenge. This is exactly what was on the mind of Lauren Greico, a model citizen and a hard worker on Wallstreet. Like others, she was deeply impacted by the events of 9/11. She lost family and close friends. After all, she worked for a highly successful investment firm. Lauren Greico felt compelled to give back to the place she dearly loves. She desired to make a statement to the world, that New York wasn’t ever going to back down. Not from anyone, or anything. Regardless of the tragedy, they were going to come out victorious. They have the will, a sustainable one. They are New York Strong.

Therefore, the idea to create a brand that would make a statement was required. After much consideration, she came up with an idea for a clothing line. A brand that would promote a sense of pride, and would give back to those that were affected by the horrors of 9/11.

A brand that would be remembered for overcoming adversity

The results of her planning came a start-up company called Worn and Branded NYC. The shirts themselves have been tested, worn, and exhausted in their design. In many ways, like those that felt the impact of the devastation from 9/11. It is more than a clothing brand. It represents a way of life. A determination to succeed, regardless, of the overwhelming challenges of life.

In 2017 the Worn and Branded clothing line was launched. In many areas of New York the brand was warmly welcomed. However, something more was needed. It was the logo design that needed to be tested. The question was: Does the logo design follow a trend, and will the design concept last a lifetime? Unfortunately, there was answers that didn’t leave a good impression in the mind of Lauren Greico. It was time for a new logo design. Something edgier, and something that made a huge impact on the clothing market. Especially those within the New York trend setting clothing industry. In addition, the logo design needed to be diverse and left room to expand outside of the New York area.

In late 2018, a new website and logo was launched. It is exactly what she was looking for. It resolved a problem that didn’t exist in 2017, but will resolve all future issues regarding the logo design. The relaunch set a great precedent of what was in store for Worn and Branded NYC. The future is bright, and the sign of success is within the design of the logo and clothing line. Out of tragedy come the sweet sounds of victory for Worn and Branded NYC.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

“I never could image that something so good, would come out of a day that that was filled with sorrow and grief”.

-  Lauren Greico
Worn and Branded NYC

The Worn and Branded clothing line press release is being extended to all media outlets in the New York area. Please feel free to distribute this press release and press kit. Worn and Branded is represented by a Public Relations Agency out of Tampa, FL – Country Music Vibe PR 2018.

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Article from 2017 from owner and CEO of Worn and Branded NYC